Being a parent is hard enough by itself, but completely switching duties with your spouse is a whole nother ball pit.

Watch these two fun but frenzied adults tackle playdates, promotions, and everything in-between in the full free first season of Vudu’s original series Mr. Mom.

They may not be the toughest, smartest, or most conventional highway patrol officers, but these two won’t stop until they crack the case.

Suit up, gear up, and ride out for the ultimate crash-course in crime-solving with CHiPs.

Sometimes family can drive you up the wall, but when you fall down they’ll help you back up… in their own unique way.

Go for a wild ride filled with drama, laughs, and family values in the hilarious hit Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

She’s got one shot to make a name for herself in the knock-down, drag-out world of boxing, and she’s swinging for the fences.

Place your bets and grab a ringside seat for the spirited sports classic Million Dollar Baby.

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