You got past Monday, hump day, and all the other weekdays; now it’s time to kick back and enjoy some fresh free movies.

If you can’t beat them, and you don’t want to join them, it’s time to appeal to a higher power. Watch a mere mortal team up with the Gods of Egypt to mete out some legendary justice.

No lions, no tigers, just one bold bear in a blue raincoat…oh my! Get into some mischief (and some marmalade sandwiches) with family favorite Paddington.

When demons are infesting your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Constantine, the dark detective who’s been through hell and back, is the only man for the job.

When the starters can’t play, you get the benchwarmers. When the benchwarmers can’t play, you get the third-stringers. When the third-stringers can’t play, you get these guys.

The Replacements may not be the most professional, but they’re getting their shot at glory.

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