Big news Vudu faithful: we here at Vudu are proud to present our first ever Vudu original series! We love TV shows so much we decided to make some of our own, starting with an updated take on a classic family favorite.

When the perfect opportunity convinces a working dad and stay-at-home mom to exchange roles, they might just find themselves in a little over their heads. But with a little luck and a lot of teamwork they’re going to master work, kids, and marriage one day at a time in our new free-to-watch series Mr. Mom. Watch the first two episodes now.

When the worst possible thing happens in deep space, two astronauts will have two choices – perish or find a way to survive.

Stare into the abyss with the intrepid explorers of Gravity, and you just might find your way back again.

One small boy is about to learn a big lesson, from the most unexpected of teachers.

Shrink down into a world of insect adventure with the fun-filled family feature The Ant Bully.

Some people claim there’s nothing beneath the earth’s surface except rocks and magma, and some people are bold enough to find out for themselves.

Safety isn’t guaranteed, but family adventure certainly is when you gear up for a Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Find more old favorites and new discoveries in our full free collection here.