He’s back from his extended vacation in outer space, and evil is about to have its clock punched.

A lot has changed (not necessarily for the better) but everything will be back in order as soon as Superman Returns.

Britain’s number one super spy (no, not that one) isn’t just back; he’s back in time.

Traveling to the past to recover his stolen mojo is going to require all the mystery, martial arts, and dance moves that Austin Powers has at his disposal in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Treasure hunting with your ex while on the run from a furious gangster? Talk about a working vacation.

If these two aquatic adventurers can get in and get away without killing each other first, they just might find much more than Fool’s Gold.

There’s only one thing the living undead fear more than wooden stakes and garlic, and he’s it.

Hunt down the things that go bump in the night with the ultimate vampire exterminator: Blade.

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