He was hired to protect the money – which makes him the perfect man to steal it all.

Getting away with the ultimate inside job won’t be easy, but once you go bad there’s no going back in Empire State.

The world’s favorite burger chain has majorly cashed in on their happy-go-lucky image, but McDonalds’ real-life origins were a bit messier.

Discover the true story of two burger-loving brothers and the man who made their name famous: The Founder.

The bootlegging Bondurant brothers are the most successful moonshine makers around – and they intend to keep it that way.

When a corrupt U.S. Marshal decides to horn in on the family profits, he’s in for a lesson on what it truly means to be Lawless.

Looks can be deceiving – like when your building’s soft-spoken elderly handyman turns out to be a powerful karate master.

Experience the beloved martial arts masterpiece that launched a thousand crane kicks: The Karate Kid.

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