These fan favorites won’t be around for much longer. Watch them for free while you still can.

Superheroes come and go – but there’s only one world’s greatest detective.

Villains who terrorize Gotham will get a classic lesson in crime-fighting from the original big-screen Batman.

Some bad guys just don’t know when to take a hint.

He may get beaten up, shot at, and forced to endure an onslaught of corny riddles, but as long as there’s justice there will be Batman Forever.

Torn apart by a natural disaster, left without hope or help, this family still has each other to fight for.

Watch and be amazed as these survivors turn The Impossible into a tale of human triumph.

4 couples, 7 days on a mountain retreat, and an endless amount of drama.

These 8 college friends will have to overcome themselves, their pasts, and each other if they want to answer that all-important question: Why Did I Get Married?

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