Witness the dark and brooding super-saga that made the caped crusader into a bona fide movie star.

Batman has the cowl, the car, the Joker, the batarangs, and everything else you love about the dark knight served up by master of atmosphere Tim Burton.

Unfortunately for Gotham’s villains, there’s more Batman where that came from.

Get a second serving of justice as Batman takes on the double-threat of the Penguin and Catwoman in Batman Returns.

Can these two woodland creatures get along long enough to outsmart the hunters? Or will they bear-ly hang on for deer life?

Fur and feathers will fly in the family-friendly adventure Open Season.

They’re not really from around here, are they?

They’re appearance may be a little startling, and they may not have the best manners by earth standards, but the Coneheads have arrived to show us earthlings we’re in good company.

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