Long before the Sharknado, a different unconventional predator took to the skies in search of unsuspecting prey.

Relive every scream, slither, and showdown that took sci-fi shlock to new heights with Snakes on a Plane.

They’re not the best, the brightest, or even the ones with the most heart, but these ragtag recruits are ready to protect and serve the only way they know how.

See the graduating class that launched a thousand gags with the original Police Academy.

He lives on the edge, drives through the night, and doesn’t answer to anyone. Until now.

When your back’s against the wall and time is running out, the only thing left to do is Drive.

You can swim, but you can’t hide from what lurks beneath the surface of this ironically named tourist trap.

Come on in; the water’s fine at Lake Placid.

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