Enjoy these elusive flicks before they mysteriously disappear…

just when he fears he’s beginning to lose his edge, London’s greatest detective encounters an enemy the likes of which he’s never known before.

The game has never been more afoot in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

He didn’t want to be tied down – until he found out she was tying the knot.

Time to find out if this eligible BFF is a glorified wedding crasher or truly Made of Honor.

Being the commander-in-chief can be difficult even on a good day – and this is definitely not a good day.

Watch this powerful president take matters into his own hands to deal with the ultimate threat on Air Force One.

With a cast of characters like this, rising and shining is easier said than done.

No one said running a morning show, would be a walk in the park, but this Morning Glory is focused on the bright side.

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