Free Movies for Friday Sept 18

The Last Shift

scared woman standing in front of sign

Prepare for the worst first day at work ever in The Last Shift. This disturbing horror flick centers on a rookie police officer whose first task is closing the police station by herself at night. It isn’t long before things go from odd to terrifying as she realizes the building is haunted by the epitome of evil. Watch it this weekend, if you dare.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

three people sitting in red car

Date night gets dark in Wristcutters: A Love Story. This unique flick follows characters who’ve taken their lives in a strange version of the afterlife where they have to make amends – but at least they have a little laugh about it on the journey.


man pouring tea with two other standing on the side

Get ready for a long-term stay in Bronson. Tom Hardy stars as the charismatic Michael Peterson, a guy who robbed a post office to make a name for himself – and ended up spending thirty years in solitary confinement as a result. During his stay he finds some unique ways to cope, especially with his alter-ego, Charles Bronson. Watch this stylistic biographical drama today.

Blue Steel

woman pointing gun

Amp up the action in Blue Steel. The talented Jamie Lee Curtis stars in this crime flick in the role of a police officer who shoots an armed robber – but when his pistol isn’t found afterwards, she’s suspended. This forces her to go down the rabbit hole to find out what really happened that fateful day and how it’s all connected in this action-packed thriller.