Free Movies For Friday Sept 11

The New Guy

guy threatening another guy

Bring the laughs this weekend with The New Guy. This iconic 2000s comedy stars DJ Qualls as Dizzy, a nerdy guy who gets himself expelled to go on a mission to rebrand himself. With the help of an inmate named Luther (played by the hilarious Eddie Griffin), he goes from lame to high school fame – and even gets the girl too.

The Faculty

We’ve all had some odd teachers growing up, but the teachers in The Faculty really take the bizarre cake. The star-studded 90s flick features the likes a young Elijah Wood (pre-Lord of the Rings fame), Josh Hartnett, Salma Hayek and even Usher. The story follows a series of strange occurrences at a small-town high school, where a group of students start suspecting that their teachers are… aliens. And these teachers want nothing but to make the students their victims. This is one horror class you won’t want to miss.

group of people standing together

Ella Enchanted

woman in blue jumping over barrel in front of crowd

Bring home the magic with Ella Enchanted. This film stars the talented Anne Hathaway in the role of Ella, who has had a spell cast upon her to be always obedient and do everything she’s told. But when she gets older she sets out to break the spell – and incidentally ends up on the adventure of a lifetime. Elves, giants, ogres, wicked stepsisters and more await in this blast of a fairy tale. It’s a magical ride for little ones and older adults too.

Fist of Fury

men fighting

Get ready for one of the most intense martial arts films of all time in Fist of Fury. The classic stars the charismatic Bruce Lee in the role of a martial arts expert. But when his kung fu master gets killed, he sets out to avenge him and finds more than he ever bargained for. It’s non-stop flying fists, sky high kicks, and a whole lot of action in this exciting flick!