Laugh it Up


two police officers talking

CHiPs follows two California Highway Patrol officers: one a hardened pro, the other a fresh newbie who just joined the force. Pretty soon they start clashing through hilarious misadventures, and the new guy reveals he’s there for a lot more than just using a speedometer gun.

Solve the Puzzle


four people staring into cube window

Cube might be just the underrated thriller you need this weekend. Six strangers are placed in a bizarre cube-shaped maze with only one task: find a way to escape. See if they can solve the puzzle before it’s too late.

Get Into the Action


man holding gun ready to shoot

Get in on all the excitement in Ronin. A team of professional killers is brought together to track down a mysterious package. The only problem is that the Russians are after it too. It’s spies and shootouts galore in this action packed-race!

Feel the Drama

Little Children

three women sitting in background of woman staring ahead

Little Children is a thought-provoking story based on the critically acclaimed novel that takes a unique look at domestic life and marriage through a dark, comedic lens. When a married man and a woman take the slippery path down infidelity, they soon have to brace for the impact of their decisions – and whether their married lives were ever as bad as they believed.