Dead Poets Society Robin Williams

Many of us were first exposed to Dead Poets Society in high school English class. But it doesn’t seem to age so it’s still an awesome film to re-watch. Much of that has to do with the charismatic Robin Williams, who plays a passionate English teacher aiming to inspire his students to view the world differently. Scenes from this gem of a film are still being referenced in pop culture today. And that infamous O Captain, My Captain scene makes us miss Robin more than ever. Remember the good old days with this Academy Award-winning movie this weekend.

Train to Busan screenshot

Any time is a good time for a scary zombie flick, but now more-so than ever. Train to Busan is a South Korean horror film about a train going from Seoul to Busan. What starts off like any other normal train ride ends in a chaotic zombie apocalypse outbreak on the outside, as the passengers on the inside fight for survival. Stay home this weekend and take this terrifying ride that has redefined the zombie genre with its unique twist .

The Founder Screenshot

If you’re feeling like delving into an interesting piece of Americana, The Founder is for you. The movie delves into the story of Ray Kroc, who took two brothers’ idea for a fast-food burger joint and turned it into the biggest restaurant business in the world: McDonalds. This biographical drama stars Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, and John Carroll Lynch. So pick up some burgers, kick back, and enjoy the show.

Snake outta compton

If you’re in the mood for something a little… unusual, Snake Outta Compton is your jam. The title pretty much speaks for itself. It’s about a giant mutant snake. And it’s attacking the city of Compton. Is this a thought-provoking, life-changing cinematic experience? No. Is it a fun time? Absolutely. Check out this funny and ridiculous monster flick today.