Race Against Time


man in the dark with a lighter

Looking for an intense movie this weekend? Buried is right up your alley. Ryan Reynolds stars in this heart-pounding thriller, in which he wakes up buried in a box six feet underground. He’s running out of oxygen and time – will he make it out alive before it’s too late?


man standing in dark field staring ahead

What would you do if you knew a major disaster was about to strike? Knowing takes that anxiety to a whole new level. The action-packed flick follows M.I.T. professor John Koestler, played by Nicholas Cage, and his terrifying discovery that reveals a pattern of upcoming mass catastrophes. Now he’s racing against the clock in attempt to prevent another world altering event – but will he make it in time?

Take a Wild Adventure


two men talking in the jungle

Take a trip into the wild in Gold. Matthew McConaughey stars as a prospector who’s looking for success, so he partners up with a geologist to venture into remote Indonesian jungles to find it. But it’s not too long before they’re blinded by the hopeful lustre of gold and their ambitious operation turns dangerous.

All is Lost

man steering boat in the ocean

Venture out to sea in All is Lost. The intense movie follows a sailor played by Robert Redford whose boat becomes damaged in the middle of the vast ocean. So he has to do everything in his power to survive the harsh elements and come up with plan to be rescued. This is one powerful story of human perseverance that you don’t want to miss.

Laugh Yourself Silly


two confused guys waving

In the mood for some ridiculousness? Bio-Dome is what you need. This ultra 90s comedy follows two dimwit dudes played by Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, who find themselves in the middle of an experiment totally sealed off from the rest of the world. They may not be allowed to leave for a full year, but at least they’ll make sure their stay is a reckless good time.

Sorority Boys

three men dressed as women

Take a trip to early 2000s campus life in Sorority Boys, This raunchy comedy follows three frat bros who decide to flip the script and join the sorority life after being kicked out of their dorm. Playing the part of ladies is all fun and games at first, but some struggles along the way might actually teach these guys some real lessons about women.