From Dusk Till Dawn

four men standing in front of a bar

Criminals and vampires, oh my! From Dusk till Dawn is a star-studded 90’s classic featuring George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Salma Hayek and even Danny Trejo in one of his earliest roles. The film centers on two outlaws who take hostages in a seedy bar, only to find out that the clientele there is teeming with terrifying vampires. And boy are they hungry.

The Hunter

man standing in front of waterfall

The Hunter is a must-see adventure through the untamed wilderness. Willem Dafoe stars as a hunter out to find the last Tasmanian tiger on Earth at the ask of a mysterious tech company. But the deeper he goes searching, the more he realizes the shadowy corporation will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Gods and Monsters

two men outdoors

Gods and Monsters is a Hollywood drama for the ages. The film stars the talented Ian McKellen in the role of legendary director James Whale, whose movies include the horror classics Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and countless others. James spends most of his days alone and reminiscing about his past star-studded successes. But when he’s introduced to his new gardener, played by Brendan Fraser, both of their lives change as they form an unexpected friendship.


man in ghost mask holding knife

Scream is the epitome of 90s horror. The terrifying flick centers on a a group of friends who all start getting strange phone calls from a mysterious man. But when they realize the calls are coming from a deranged murderer out for bloody revenge, they have to fight for their lives before he gets there first. So… what’s your favorite scary movie?