Free Movies For Friday

Kick your weekend off with free  movies


Everybody loves free movies, but with thousands of titles available, it can get a little overwhelming. So, we’ve done some of the hard work for you and found some treasures that are worth their weight in gold – but still free to watch.


Those kicks were fast as lightning


7 Grandmasters. 1 challenger. Approximately 250,000 kicks. With fights designed by the choreographer of The X-Men, The Expendables, and the multiverse clones of Jet Li, 7 Grandmasters is the Kung-Fu classic your weekend tiger style has been waiting for.


Two lives to every story


Robin Wright shines as a harried wife and mother confronting the life she’s lived for everyone but herself. Blake Lively dazzles as a vivacious young woman with the world at her fingertips and nothing to lose. Plot twist, they’re the same person. Take a walk on the wild side and the other wild side with The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.


What’s up Dock?


Few pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball have ever successfully thrown a no-hitter. Only one did it while high on LSD. As a World Series champion, civil rights activist, and drug counselor, Dock Ellis lived a life that has grown into sports legend. Get the sober truth in No No: A Dockumentary.


Anime You Say?


In a world of magic, monsters, and midterms, four teens unite to punch, stab, and cyber-scythe-sniper-rifle their problems into dust. An American-made, female-forward take on Japanese shōnen anime, RWBY (Vol 1-3) are three binge-worthy diamonds in the same-old-TV rough.