Whether you’re finally getting back to a show you missed or bingeing an old fav for the 20th time, we’ve got free full seasons of your favorite TV to keep you going from pilot to cliffhanger.



If having fun is a crime, these guys plead the fifth. For better or worse, the distinguished attorneys of Franklin and Bash are on the case.



Haute couture meets habeas corpus when an aspiring fashion model dies and comes back in a trial lawyer’s body. This Drop Dead Diva better hit the books.



Can ex-fiancées be friends? Can their friends be friends? Can those friends buy food trucks, date hipsters, speak drunk Italian, and win Nerf wars? Happy Endings has the answers.



Saying no to your boss isn’t easy. When the “no” is to launching nuclear missiles and the boss is the President, you’d better have a plan B. Watch Last Resort for all the fallout.




Puberty, unemployment, and deadbeat dads can’t keep these indie heroes from scoring small victories and learning big lessons.



The accommodations are neither Grand, nor the Best, but 13-year-old Ernest won’t let the sleazy patrons and neighborhood bully stop him from finding romance within walking distance of The Motel.



Say hello to his little friend. Adrien Brody (The Darjeeling Limited, Peaky Blinders) lets his hands do the talking as a misunderstood misfit with a shot at stardom, or at least love, in Dummy.



You’ve heard of Hellboy, Oldboy, and Astro Boy. Now meet…Boy. While looking for buried treasure (and his inner Michael Jackson), Boy just might find a connection to the dad he never really knew.



Will the spine-tingling scares of movies like Hostel: Part III, Child’s Play, and Ghoulies make you wake up in the middle of the night screaming? Possibly. Is watching them for free Worth the Nightmares? Only one way to find out…



When the weather heats up, so does the romance. Beat the heat with an indoor (and free) movie date night, and feel the Summer Love with Going the Distance, Return to Me, Yentl, Moonstruck and more.