Labor Day weekend is here at last, and whether you’re chilling at the airport, passing time on the open road, or just lounging at home, we’ve got the hit movies and shows to help maximize your mini-vacation.




Everything has an expiration date, but these movies are still certified fresh. Check them out before they’re gone.



You thought you had the roommate from hell? Try an unstable obsessive who isolates you from your loved ones so she can take over your identity. This Single White Female makes a sink full of dishes look pretty good.



A man with nothing to lose (plus an awesome scorpion jacket and a cool synth-pop soundtrack) is a powerful thing. When he finally finds something to care about, the mobsters and murderers are in big trouble. They don’t have his Drive.



Larry, Curly, and Moe have been poking eyes, slapping faces, and spreading laughs for as long as they can remember. But coming out of retirement? That’s going to take some soul-searching, even for The Three Stooges.



A shark whisperer who’s afraid of sharks can’t get much business, but the biggest job of her career is worth facing her fears for. Fame, fortune, and redemption await on the other side of the Dark Tide.




You’ll gasp. You’ll cheer. You’ll stay up past your bedtime finishing these dramatic tales of crime, love, and cannibals.



Remember when French gangs were funneling literal tons of heroin into the US with nothing to stop them? No? That’s because police magistrates like the ones in The Connection shut down the whole operation. Watch a man on a mission lay everything on the line to drive the bad guys out of business.



Self-improvement is a long, hard road, but if it means getting his children back then Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan) is ready to walk. He’ll have to change his ways, his thinking, and his entire country if he wants to see Evelyn again in this charming true story.



A world without meat might sound good to some, but to others it’s a real nightmare. In Delicatessen, a post-apocalyptic butcher shop turns wayward travelers into hearty snacks, and a lovestruck circus clown is the latest on the chopping block.





Need a laugh AND some thrills? Get some jokes on the run with our Criminally Good Comedies like Starsky & Hutch, Showtime, and Sugar & Spice.



Every parent knows their kids’ favorite shows, and we’ve got them free to watch whenever you need a hand. Plop the kids in front of some Top Kids’ TV like Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1, RoboRoach Season 1, Lego Nexo Knights Season 1, and Sonic X Season 1 for some peace and tranquility.


There’s a lot more where that came from. Check out our full free collection for all the options here.