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Out with the old, in with the new. We’re clearing out a few awesome movies to make way for new, equally awesome ones, but there’s still time to watch these winners before they’re gone.



One part Johnny Cash, one part Brian Wilson, 100% rock and roll. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story may not be 100% true, but Dewey’s lifelong journey from tragedy to stardom, back to tragedy, then on to more stardom will have you laughing and singing along all the same.



A single mom on the verge of losing her child meets a career criminal who just made a very costly mistake, and their unlikely alliance means hell for anyone who gets in their way. Desperate times call for desperate measures in Cold Comes the Night.



Everyone loves a good horror story, but if you go looking for one you’d better make sure it’s not true. Four young writers pursuing a grisly folktale get a lot more than they bargained for in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses.



Who knew a show about air travel could be so thrilling? With covert affairs, international espionage, and tons of 60s fashion on the in-flight menu of Pan Am Season 1, you’d better fasten your seat belt, adjust your seat, and place your tray table in the upright position.




Who said classics have to be old? Brush up on the latest achievements in movie-making with these critically-acclaimed films from the last five years.



Having someone tag you as their crush on social media is flattering. Having them engrave your face in a spooky jug that sentences you to be sacrificed to a pit monster? Not so much. Pray for mercy from the Jug Face.



A one-sided romance could mean a one-way ticket to a better life for a poor Dominican escort, but taking it does not come without sacrifice. Sand Dollars is a quiet contemplation on loyalty, sexuality, and above all, need.



There’s nothing wrong with The Kindergarten Teacher taking a special interest in her genius student’s future. There’s nothing wrong with her encouraging his talents, engaging with his family, and investing in his success. When that success becomes more important to her than anything else, right and wrong start to blur.





The NFL season is finally here, and if you can’t get enough gridiron action then we’ve got you covered. Our Game Day Kick-Off collection has an all-star squad of hard hits like The Replacements, Everybody’s All-American, Brian’s Song, and Wildcats to get you fired up for the big game.



Let the kids’ imagination run wild (and yours too) with some larger-than-life fun. Family Fantasy flicks like The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Happy Feet Two, Lost in Space, and Trading Mom pack enough adventure for everyone to share.


Whether you’re looking for horror, whodunits, or happy endings, we’ve got your back. Find the perfect fit in our complete free collection here.