This week’s new free movies are coming out swinging. Pop some corn and grab your ringside seat to some mob vs. mob, man vs. demon, nunchuck vs. handgun grudge matches.





More deadly than The Godfather. More infamous than Scarface. Less fictional than either. James “Whitey” Bulger ruled the Boston underworld with an iron fist, until some dirty dealings with the FBI changed the game forever. Black Mass chronicles the life and times of a flesh-and-blood urban legend.



Just like Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, cynical exorcist Cotton Marcus is getting too old for this… stuff. His one last job is the literal assignment from hell, and he’ll have to outwit one seriously possessed farmer’s daughter if he wants to finish The Last Exorcism and make it to retirement.



Honor can only get you so far. With his studio, his marriage, and his reputation all hanging in the balance, one Brazilian jiu-jitsu master (Chiwetel Ejiofor) will have to choose between the path of least resistance and his own personal code. Either way, this Redbelt leaving everything on the mat.



Straight out the funkadelic 70s (sort of), it’s Black Dynamite! This high-kicking hero is here to clean up the streets, make the ladies swoon, and lovingly parody every possible trope and gag from the Blaxploitation films of yesterday, all while dressed in the finest luxury threads.




Discover the hidden stories behind star athletes, visionary artists, and parking attendants (?) in these revealing documentaries.



Relive the madness with Linsanity, an in-depth look at the meteoric rise, on-and-off-court hurdles, and inspirational life story of basketball’s first Asian-American superstar, Jeremy Lin.



With their experimental techniques, contemporary subject matter, and daring directorial choices, Truffaut and Godard defined the French New Wave film movement. Two in the Wave explores their great successes, friendship, and eventual falling out as they pursued their personal visions of what film could be.



Managing the patrons and vehicles of a busy paid parking lot may not seem like much, but to this crew of Virginia attendants it offers the chance to wax philosophical, share small successes, and engage with humans in their most primal state (parking). The Parking Lot Movie contains unexpected multitudes.





Time to put away the toys, get everyone comfy on the couch, and relax with some great family favorites to Watch with the Kids. With fun-filled movies like My Dog Skip, Osmosis Jones, Dolphin Tale, and The Adventures of Pinocchio, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.



Looking for something a little out there? Mind Bending Sci-Fi standards like Lost in Space, Outbreak, and Hollow Man will have you dreaming of robots, aliens, invisible men, and other feats of speculative super-science.


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