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We’ve seen real-life Ghost Hunters, Cake Bosses, and even Dr. Pimple Poppers on reality TV, but what about a fame-hungry showboat and a grizzled veteran cop teaming up to clean up Los Angeles. Anything goes when it’s Showtime.



The psychiatrist has become the patient. Waking up confined in the very hospital where she treats others, Dr. Grey (Halle Berry) struggles to unravel the disturbing events that got her there—and she may not like what she finds in Gothika.



After all the pokes, pranks, and nyuknyuknyuks, the long-retired Three Stooges must decide if the world is ready for their return. A poignant recollection of their humble, slap-happy beginnings and off-stage highs and lows reveals the answer.



When it comes to ancient curses and vengeful spirits of the damned, what goes around comes around. As the people around her start dropping like flies, Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) must go back to the beginning to break the cycle of The Grudge.



Still waters run deep in these shocking, engaging, and inspiring explorations of what we miss with first impressions.



A melancholy family reunion turns straight-up miserable when the black sheep son accuses his renowned psychiatrist father of experimenting on him and his adopted siblings. Discerning truth from fiction means unearthing all the family secrets, and everyone’s ready to dig in Altered Minds.



Old friends, new problems. Three Yorkshire couples are shaken up by the imminent death of a mutual friend, but planning around his final days reveals much more about their own relationships than it does about the actual Life of Riley.



Rap’s legacy of cutting lyrical finesse and acrobatic flows is no secret, but freestyling, rap’s improvisational cousin, doesn’t always get the same shine. Watch a who’s who of hip hop tastemakers boom, beatbox, and battle their way through the history of this unique art form in Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme.




Blood, sweat, tears, family, friendship, government secrets… you name it. It’s all on the line when it comes to high-intensity Action Thrillers like Three Kings, Bobby Z, Johnny Mnemonic, and Demolition Man.



Love stinks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some good Rom Coms. Whether you’re settled down, ready to mingle, or all broken up, you can’t help but laugh, cry, and cheer for Over Her Dead Body, Sleepless in Seattle, Woo, Flipped, and more.


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