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No need to run to the theater; with over 5,000 free movies and shows to choose from you can kick back at home for all your thrills, chills, twists, and turns. Your wallet (and movie snack budget) will thank you.




Nothing lasts forever, but there’s still to watch these heroic hits before they’re gone.



General. Exile. Conqueror. King. Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) wore many hats, and all of them are on full display in this sprawling 3-hour epic that tells the tale of the man who became legend.



What do you get when you take an artificially intelligent police robot, reboot its programming, and give it to a group of desperate gangsters played by alt hip-hop group Die Antwoord? Chappie! Peep his robo-flo for FREE on Movies On Us.



This isn’t your grandpa’s football. Or is it? The timeless struggle of old-school tradition versus new wave flair hit the gridiron in Any Given Sunday, and the sport will never be the same.



Snakes aren’t the only thing on a plane in Snakes on a Plane. There’s also a key witness hunted by the mob, deadly pheromones, plenty of F-bombs, and one mad as hell Sam Jackson. But mostly snakes. Better fasten your seatbelt.




Crime, comedy, and creatures unknown never go out of style. Check out full seasons of classic TV gems available for your free streaming pleasure.



While shows like The X-Files and The Twilight Zone have fictional phenomena covered, Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina is your key to the creepy, suspenseful, and above all mysterious real-world happenings all around us.



Before they sell out stadiums and headline tours, tomorrow’s top comedians prove themselves in the gauntlet of smaller showcases. Coming to the Stage catches these rising stars in fine funny form.



We may never know what aliens would (or do…) really think of us, but fan favorite sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun sure has some wild guesses, plus a who’s who of comedy greats and a teenage JGL.





Go big or go home. That’s the motto of these small-time crooks and big-time hustlers, putting it all on the line for one big score in Big Heists like The Big Bounce, Set Up, The 51st State, and Blood Ties.



Oh, snap! Whether you’re a true-blue 90s kid or just someone who appreciates the finer decades in life, Throwbacks: The 90s is all that and a bag of chips with A River Runs Through It, The Quick and the Dead, Leaving Las Vegas, Last Action Hero and more.


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