From the stage, to the booth, to the… vampire high school, these go-getters are putting it all on the line.

His act has changed but his audience hasn’t. The Comedian has a lot to learn if he wants to get back on the mic, even if self-discovery takes him to some unexpected places.

What happens months before the big game can determine everything. A stressed-out GM, a no-nonsense coach, and an irascible owner may not see eye-to-eye, but they’ve all got their eyes on the prize when it comes to Draft Day.

Hell hath no judgment like a high-school reunion. This grown-up group of buddies is about to find out just how much can change in 10 Years.

High school bites, and they’ve got the fang marks to prove it. These students of the night must learn to harness their powers, and fast, if they’re going to survive Vampire Academy.

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