There’s a new Samantha in town, and she spells trouble. When the lead in a big-budget Bewitched remake turns out to be a real-life witch, the cast and crew are in for some high-flying movie magic.



Once a one-man war machine, always a one-man war machine. When his former commanding officer is taken captive, John Rambo springs back into action to teach the enemy some respect in Rambo 3.



Big players, big games, and even bigger egos. Helmets and pads aren’t the only thing clashing when a stubborn coach and a headstrong team owner go head-to-head on Any Given Sunday.




Hidden by time, conspiracy, or circumstance, the realities of these twisty films are about to come to the surface.



Two sisters, hot on the trail of a historical mystery, will discover horror, healing, and themselves as they delve into a Past Life.



How much harm can one little cover-up cause? A nuclear engineer and his wife are on the verge of finding out the hard way in Blue Sky.



An aggravated author and a (possibly) murdered model are at the center of Nobody Else But You, surrounded by a maze of deception, darkness, and fun.


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