When setting traps and concealing identities is your job, knowing who to trust can get more than a little complicated. A simple extraction goes every which way but right in the CIA thriller Body of Lies.



Sell out or cash out? A jaded country star takes the third option, going for a quick walk that turns into a prolonged absence. What he finds along the way is Pure Country.



Convincing yourself that you’ve turned over a new leaf is hard enough; getting your old crew to let you walk away may require some extreme measures. No one said escaping A History of Violence would be easy.




Whether about peace, love, or philosophy, the subjects of these documentaries all have something to tell us.



More than 13 million American children are bullied each year, and 5 of them are finally having their stories told. Shunned, assaulted, institutionalized, and deceased, the kids profiled in Bully are the faces of an epidemic



Before the legalization of interracial marriage, Mildred and Richard Loving took their relationship from the jailhouse to the courthouse to the highest authority in the land for the chance to be together. The Loving Story is their story.



There’s no other city like New York City, and there’s no NYC tour guide quite like Timothy “Speed” Levitch. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of his hometown and countless existential musings, Speed makes sure The Cruise is an unforgettable ride.


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