She’s a mixed up, mic’d up, mess of an aunt, and the last thing she wants or needs is three kids showing up at her front door (with Madea no less). With a house full of strangers and nowhere to hide, April (Taraji P.Henson) will either change for the better or stick to her philosophy: I Can Do Bad All by Myself.



Which is more valuable: a chance to start over again, or revenge against the person that wronged you? A wife falsely convicted of murdering her husband is opting for the second choice, even if it means Double Jeopardy.



He’s got it all: money, power, respect, a loving family, and an unquenchable bloodlust that drives him to kill. One of these things is not like the others, and it’s taking the wheel for a wild ride Mr. Brooks will never forget.




These characters may seem to be living normal lives, but trouble is brewing beneath the surface.



Saving the earth, the whales, and the ozone layer can’t be bad right? What about if you blow up a damn to do it? What if something goes wrong? There will be a lot of questions when these Night Moves are done.



Three different women, three different relationships, none of them good. As they each struggle to break free from the things that hold them back, they’ll find that reaching their Personal Velocity is all about the journey.



Forming your identity at school can be a trying thing, especially when everyone starts developing mysterious fainting spells. Nothing is as it seems and everything is about to be turned upside down in The Falling.


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