The babbling boy who launched a generation of talking baby flicks is here – and he sounds suspiciously like John McClane. For anyone who’s wondered what goes on in the mind of kids, it’s time to Look Who’s Talking.



Billy the Kid may be getting older, but his love of riding, rabble-rousing, and running from the law have stayed exactly the same. Getting the gang back together is risky business in Young Guns 2.



How far would you go to help out a neighbor? For the locals in Lars and the Real Girl, humoring Lars and his… unconventional new friend is more work than play, but getting him out of his shell just might be worth it.



You can never go home again, but maybe your cat can. In Pet Sematary a family man discovers a burial mound that raises the dead, and the temptation to bring back furry friends (and more) may be too hard to resist, with deadly consequences.




Whether coming together, breaking apart, or acting out of passion, the characters in these moving films are swept up in affairs of the heart.



The rules of the Dogfight are simple: the Marine who finds the ugliest date is crowned the winner. To his surprise, one recruit is about to learn that all’s fair in love and war.



Amidst separations, reunions, and goodbyes, three children and their grandfather slip away for one last adventure. The kids’ classmates aren’t going to believe What We Did on Our Holiday.



Three sisters separated by age, distance, and personality are about to be reunited by an incident no one saw coming. Forgiven, forgotten, or justly deserved, Crimes of the Heart can change everything.


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