All good stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and we’re getting to the third part for these soon-to-be-gone free films. Catch them while you still can.



Office politics are the worst, especially when it turns out your bosses are secretly in the pocket of the mob. Torn between the FBI, the mafia, and The Firm, one promising young lawyer is going to need to choose his allies carefully before he ends up as evidence.



Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer is easier said than done. When the enemy you’ve been pursuing turns out to be more than meets the eye, do you stay the course or find a different path? Whatever the answer, it’s going to mean War.



One sister stealing another’s boyfriend isn’t exactly front page news, unless that boyfriend is the famously merciless King of England. That’s when things start to get a little execution-y. Better pray for The Other Boleyn Girl.



Second chances don’t come around every day. Neither do throngs of adoring soccer moms. When both collide for a conflicted kids’ coach, keeping his eye on the goal is going to be tricky. Time to start Playing for Keeps.




When nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted, these characters make some of their most daring and interesting moves.



Sometimes criminal cases hinge on one key witness, and sometimes that witness is a fake witness covering for another witness, and sometimes that can lead to some real problems involving the real culprit. That sometimes is The Bedroom Window.



American, British, and Russian spies are all headed to the brink of war… over a single unpublished, anonymous manuscript. Whatever’s coming out of The Russia House, it must be a real page-turner.



There’s doing your homework, and then there’s getting inextricably involved in the murder case you’re writing about. Truman Capote has elected to do both, in Infamous.


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