Whether in wartime, peacetime, or anaconda mealtime, the strivers and survivors in this week’s new additions are in for some adventures to remember.





Acts of god, maddening mishaps, and an enchanting stranger stand between Ben and his wedding day. Staying the course can be tricky, especially when the Forces of Nature seem to push you in a brave new direction.



Between the bombs and bullets of World War II, Nazi forces illicitly seized and stored many of Western arts most valued masterpieces. If art history is to be saved from calamity, it’s going to be a job for the Monuments Men.



For the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, serving had a special significance and losing was not an option. They faced prejudice, opposition, and hardship at every turn on the road to Glory.



Fear of snakes is a pretty common phobia, but on the waters of Amazon it’s also a key to survival. If this crew of filmmakers wants to live to see premier night, they’d better learn to respect the mighty Anaconda.




When death is lurking behind every corner, saving yourself and others may require some unconventional action. These thrillers have close calls and stunning twists sure to keep you guessing.



Two killers, one prize. They’ll risk it all for a chance at fame fortune, and a stay of execution from becoming The 10th Victim.



She once was blind but now can see. Emma’s miracle recovery brings with it a gift and a curse, as her newfound sight becomes the key to solving a grisly murder in Blink.



What if one number could be the key to everything? For a genius mathematician with much on his mind, the secrets of Pi may be more than he’s prepared to handle.


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