The best laid plans are no match for the ghouls, goofballs, and gunslingers in this week’s new arrivals. Pop some corn, pull up a seat, and unleash a little bit of chaos, and check out the full list of new free titles coming this month here.





Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. You know the chant, now buckle up for a reanimated roller coaster back to where it all began. Micheal Keaton thrills and chills as the ghost with the most, who’s scaring away pesky humans one grim gag at a time.



Hight-strung high-rollers carefully comparing business cards. A chainsaw chase through a penthouse apartment. Gallons and gallons of hair product. The sights and sounds of American Psycho are burned into our nation’s film history, and it’s time for a refresher course.



From the madcap manhunt of The Heat to the feel-good fun of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, comedy cops are always an audience favorite. Salute the recruits who helped make police work into funny business, with the original Police Academy.



We’ve all experienced a night of regrettable decisions, but no hangover or kitchen mess compares to having the entire Vegas mob beating down your door. For this Wild Card, leaving Las Vegas is going to be easier said than done.




What happens when a house is sold, friends fight, or a game goes too far? These films follow the aftermath of fateful days.



Artists work with and within space, and when that space is disrupted the whole house of cards can come crashing down. Exhibition tells the tale of a wife and husband whose art and relationship are put to the test by one such disruption.



Johnny Cash mesmerized multiple generations, and his manager Saul Holiff was there for it all. In My Father and the Man in Black, Holiff’s son Josh lifts the veil on the two men’s working relationship, ultimate falling out, and the impact it all had on those they knew.



Red rover. Cops and robbers. Tag. Our childhood games are often rough, physical, and rambunctious, and without adult supervision things can get a little out of hand. Or very, very out of hand, like in I Declare War.


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