Some movies make a big splash but just don’t seem to stand the test of time. From cult hits to critical darlings, we’ve collected the classic films that people still talk about years later.





In 1996 people wanted to see a different side of global superstar Tom Cruise, and he showed us the money. Jerry Maguire’s charming portrayal of a sports agent with a heart is a triumphant sports story, a character study, and a romcom all rolled into one.



We all grew up fearing the monster in the closet, but what if he followed us into adulthood? Boogeyman is the terrifying tale of a childhood nightmare come true.



If you think modern fandom has gotten a little out of hand, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Fan has his sights set on some one-on-one time with his idol, and he’s going to get it by any means necessary.



Lights, camera…murder. When a mass-murdering couple find themselves glorified as America’s sweethearts, it’s going to take much more than normal means to take down a couple of Natural Born Killers.




Good documentaries need interesting people doing interesting things, and it doesn’t get much more interesting than the subjects of these critically-acclaimed flicks.



Part soothing meditation, part cooking masterclass, and led by the world’s preeminent Zen master chef, How to Cook Your Life is a conscious culinary journey that’s as spiritual as it is savory.



Long before Sacha Baron Cohen started punking politicians, The Yes Men were taking on big business with their own brand of cleverly disguised prankstership. Their self-titled movie shows you how it’s done.



How far would you go stand to by your home? For The Babushkas of Chernobyl, staying put has meant contending with the fallout from one of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Their grandmotherly persistence is a sight to behold.


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