A little spooky fun, a little high school drama, and a little bit of rock and roll. This week’s new free movies have everything you need for the perfect movie marathon.





We’ve all flaked on our family from time to time, but abandoning them to pursue rock stardom means leaving on a pretty sour note. It’s going to take flair, forgiveness, and a whole lot of hair product for Ricki and the Flash to make things right.



Ever wonder what skeletons are hiding in someone’s closet? For businessman, philanthropist, and serial killer Mr. Brooks, there’s some real flesh and bone next to his designer loafers.



Zombies, vampires, and humans… unite? Forget everything you know about horror movies, because these small-town Freaks of Nature are teaming up to kick some alien butt.



As teens we all thought we had all the answers, and for Charlie Bartlett it just might be true. He’s playing therapist to a school-full of anxious, depressed, and ignored classmates, and maybe even becoming popular along the way.




Sometimes finding yourself means looking where you least expect. These stories of self-discovery take their protagonists off the beaten path.



Scripted lines, real angst. 20,000 Days on Earth follows enigmatic rocker Nick Cave on a semi-autobiographical, semi-documentary roller coaster of inspiration and creative kismet.



There’s the home you make, and the home that makes you. Four American teenagers adopted from China will head back to their ancestral homeland to link their two worlds from Somewhere Between.



Life on the reservation is hard for Virgil First Raise, even before he wakes up in a ditch to find his wife and his rifle long gone. Finding them will be harder still, but find them he will, in Winter in the Blood.


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