Fall is finally upon us, and as the leaves change so too does our ever-expanding library of free hit titles. Throw on a sweater, grab a hot drink, and settle in with some fan favorite films.





Neo may be The One and only, but this one movie spawned an entire franchise of superhuman showdowns and floor-length black dusters. The Matrix irreversibly changed the game, and the source code of sci-fi as we know it.



Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy roller coasters and McDonalds franchises. Richie Rich was born with a silver spoon and a heart of gold, and with help from his friends he’s out for a good time the whole family can enjoy.



A Panic Room is designed to keep trouble out, but what do you do when it’s keeping you in? Wit, cunning, and some dangerous decisions are the only way Meg (Jodie Foster) and Sarah (Kristen Stewart) are going to make it out alive.


Changing times


Whether it’s reaching out or reaching inwards, these stories of uncharted territory are bound to cause a stir.



Father Greg “G-Dog” Boyle may seem like a soft-spoken Santa Claus, but he looms large in the eyes of the former gang members he works alongside and the communities he serves. The true stories he’s gathered are bigger still.



How did one 1970s restaurant owner start a cult of personality that doubled as his own private rock band, army, and million-dollar business? The true answers will shock, scandalize, and electrify in The Source Family.



A woman discovering her own philosophy is torn between the conservative culture of home and the beguiling stranger she meets on her walks. Cultures, secrets, and choices collide in La Petite Jerusalem.





No need to choose between adult thrills and kids’ entertainment, we’ve got fun-filled adventures like Zookeeper, Escape from Planet Earth, and Stuart Little 2 that you’ll love to Watch with the Kids.



See what all the critical buzz is about with acclaimed Award Winners like Foxcatcher, Short Circuit, Magnolia, and more.


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