Free movie Friday + An easier way to explore them

Search and filter Free Movies


In the mood for a free movie, but having trouble finding/deciding on what free title to watch? (#firstworldproblems) Well, stress no more because now you now have more ways to find free movies & TV shows.


We’ve added the ability to use the search filters to get you to what you want to watch faster. After all, if Instagram and Snap have filters, why shouldn’t we?


To use the filters, start on the Movies page and use the green Filters drop-down menu.


Filter by Free with Ads (under Features), and then add as many additional filters as you want.


And voilà, free movies narrowed down however you want.


Now with great power comes great responsibility, but since this isn’t that kind of power, feel free to use it with reckless abandon.


Free Movies for Your Friday

If you’re looking for some curated collections, be sure to check out Home of the Brave, home to acclaimed movies like Rescue Dawn, Dances with Wolves, Seven Years in Tibet, Valkyrie, and A Fistful of Dynamite.


Not to mention Memorial Day-worthy documentaries like Searching for Home: Coming Back from War, The Real Inglorious Bastards, Hell and Back Again, America in WWII, and more.


And be sure to check out these movies, and others, in our Last Chance to Watch Collection:


When you thought Dumb and Dumber was as dumb as they could get, best friends Harry and Lloyd prove us wrongerer in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.



Little Giants, the classic sports underdog story with some classic Rick Moranis (whatever happened to him?). Why not reminisce about the simpler times of 1994 and watch with the fam this weekend?