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Introducing Peacock on Vudu

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The perfect start to your weekend is here. You can now watch the first episodes of these Peacock originals, NBC shows and classics – all completely free on Vudu. From comedy, to drama and crime, there’s a show for everyone to enjoy.

The Capture

woman with screens behind her

Nothing is quite what it seems in The Capture. This thriller series centers on a detective who takes on the case of a British ex-soldier who’s charged with a serious crime in Afghanistan, leading her to go down the rabbit hole of an intricate conspiracy.

Brave New World

group of people in uniform outside

Aldous Huxley’s classic novel is brought to life in Brave New World. The series centers on a utopian society where privacy, monogamy, money, family and history are all tightly controlled in the name of peace. But it isn’t long before members of the collective begin to question the fabric of authority that keeps them all from freedom in this sci-fi drama.

Five Bedrooms

group of people standing together

Worlds collide in Five Bedrooms. The drama series centers on a group of very different people who meet at a wedding after being sat at the singles table. All is going well until the drinks and wild ideas start flowing, making them decide that the solution to all their problems is buying a house together. What could possibly go wrong?


two people holding guns at building corner

Get ready for a dynamic duo like no other. Hitmen centers on the lives of two best friends who work together – only their work involves killing people for hire. See all of the shenanigans they get into in this fun crime comedy.


two men standing

Take crime fighting to the digital sphere in Intelligence. This British show follows an unlikely dynamic duo comprised of an NSA agent and a computer analyst who have to work together to solve UK cyber crime. See how these very different characters handle the job (and each other) in this fun comedy.

Murder She Wrote

woman talking on the phone with two people in background

Delve into the mystery in Murder She Wrote. Follow the infamous writer and former English teacher played by the talented Angela Lansbury as she travels around and solves murder mysteries of all kinds in this classic show.

Battlestar Galactica

group of people dressed in costume in office

The fight to save humanity has started. Battlestar Galactica centers on a ragtag crew of refugees who is out looking for planet Earth after the second war against the Cyclons destroyed the twelve colonies. Go on an intergalactic journey full of danger, betrayal, and everything in between in this critically acclaimed re-imagination of the sci-fi classic.

30 Rock

group of people at office

Bring the laughs with your favorite crew in 30 Rock! Follow the ups and downs of comedy show writer Liz Lemon as she deals with an arrogant boss, a ridiculous new star, and tons of other shenanigans that come with making TV magic in this Emmy-award-winning series.


two guys standing together

Find the clues and solve the case in Psych. This comedy series centers on a guy who’s made everyone around him believe he’s got psychic powers – when in reality he’s just a lot more observant than anyone else. Watch him and his best friend tackle all kinds of complex cases in the lighthearted crime series.


group of people at a birthday party

Is there anything better than family? Parenthood is a comedy-drama that takes a look at the intricacies of being a parent within three generations of a family – from facing tragedies to celebrating milestones, they go through it all together.

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