Fill Up On Your Favorite Franchises

Amp Up the Action



Craving giant robot fights and serious action? Our Transformers 6 Movie Collection features the explosive cinematic visions of Michael Bay as the Autobots fight the Decepticons in their epic-sized battles to save mankind.

Immerse yourself into the world of the Transformers in this exclusive clip:

Mission Impossible

man running from explosion in city

So much Mission Impossible, so little time! Watch Tom Cruise as he goes around the world, races against clocks, pulls the coolest action stunts, and does a whole lot of running in our Mission Impossible 6 Movie Collection.

Lara Croft

woman holding two guns up

Adventure to exotic places around the world with our Lara Croft Double Feature. Hunt down precious artifacts and navigate heart-pounding obstacles with Lara Croft. And of course, kick butt and take names as the bad guys try to get there first!

Laugh it Up


man and woman talking behind desk

Hang out with your favorite 70s TV news crew in our complete Anchorman Collection. See the lengths these eccentric anchormen will go to make it to the top of the TV chain, fight their feminist competition, and report on the most riveting stories around town.

Wayne’s World

two men sitting next to each other

Rock on with your favorite slacker dudes in Wayne’s World. Revisit the classic moments of this SNL sketch-turned-movie as they headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody and navigate the waters of public access TV – and love – the best way they know how.

See what inspired the totally excellent characters of Wayne and Garth in this behind the scenes clip:

Looking for more party time? Check out the Wayne’s World 2 Movie Collection for double the Excellent!

Beverly Hills Cop

man smiling at two men walking towards him

Bring triple the laughs and triple the heat with the Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy bundle. Watch Eddy Murphy use his wit, detective savvy and no-nonsense attitude to to track down killers, drug dealers, and everything in between in these fun action flicks.