We here at Vudu are always looking for new ways to make your family movie nights magic, and our new Family Play feature* is the perfect way to watch the movies you want without the objectionable content you don’t.

When you watch one of over 500 eligible titles, turning on Family Play lets you skip over content you deem inappropriate for your family like substance abuse, language, violence, and sex and nudity. You can select which types of content to skip and leave the rest in, and even set a four-digit PIN to prevent younger viewers from turning off the feature.

Get more details about this innovative new viewing option here, and read on for some awesome recommendations of Family Play eligible movies you can watch for free right now on Vudu.

In space, no one can help you survive. Two stranded astronauts are about to learn this the hard way when they are cut off from communication with Earth while performing routine maintenance, and they’ll have only each other to depend on if they ever want to see home.

Witness the majesty of space and the intense drama of Alfonso Cuaron’s outer space epic without any undesired content when you watch Gravity with Family Play.

Forget everything you thought you learned in school about what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. A trio of explorers are about to head down below to have a look for themselves, and what they find is a world beyond anything they could have imagined.

Go for the wildest ride this planet can offer when you take a Journey to the Center of the Earth, and rest easy when you set Family Play to skip over anything you don’t want to see.

Bully’s can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they need to change sizes to get a fresh perspective.

The Ant Bully is a fun-filled, shrunken down adventure that the whole family can enjoy, and if you want to be extra sure that your viewing meets your standard for age-appropriateness then Family Play has got you covered.

There are plenty more free family play eligible movies where those came from. Look for the “FREE WITH ADS” label in our full Family Play collection here.

Family Play is no longer available. Updated: 7/20/2020.