Early Digital Releases: The Hunt, Invisible Man and Free Movies For Friday March 20

Introducing Theater at Home

It’s time to bring the movie theater right into your living room. We’re excited to announce Theater at Home, which lets you rent the latest movie releases that are still playing in theaters. These titles are so new that they’re not even available for purchase yet. For the price of a single movie ticket you can get together with the whole family, your pets, or just with yourself, and have the perfect movie night at home. No need to get to a theater an hour in advance to get the perfect seat or pay for overpriced popcorn. With Theater at Home you will always get the best seat in the house, with unlimited snacks and drinks to boot.

Movies Still in Theaters, Now Also at Home

Early Purchase Access

elves sitting on car purple background

Onward tells the heartwarming story of two elf brothers who are brought together by the love for their deceased father. They set out on a journey to have one last moment with their dad, but they have to figure out how magic stuff works first. Mythical creatures and wondrous spells abound in this fun family adventure. And you can own Onward today! Your purchase or pre-order is available to watch immediately in HDX. UHD viewing will have delayed availability and appear in your collection upon release.

Early Rental Access

Woman standing with cell phone

She’s a woman trying to move on with her life after an abusive relationship. When her ex dies, she thinks she’s finally escaped his grasp. But has she? The Invisible Man follows Cecilia, a woman who has to fight a terrifying invisible force that only she can see. Rent it today.

Woman with gun

Imagine waking up in a clearing, not knowing how you got there, surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Welcome to The Hunt, a dark and dystopian vision of a future in which the elite gather to hunt people for sport. Will you join the hunters or be the hunted? Rent it today.

woman and man talking

If you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, Emma could be right up your alley. This reimagined Jane Austin story follows a clever, wealthy woman trying to find love the best way she can. But her journey doesn’t lack missteps, mismatches, and meddling her friends’ love lives to boot. Will she be able to find the one? Rent it today.

Free Feel-Good Movies for the Weekend

High School Nostalgia Brings the Laughs

boys looking at laptop screen

Relive high school with the raunchy comedy that brought its talented young cast to super-stardom, Superbad. Seth and Evan are inseparable best friends who are desperate to make their final weeks of high school worthwhile. With the help of their friend Fogell, they try to score some booze so they can get with their crushes at the party of the year. But will their friendship make it through the crazy journey?

group of high school kids standing

If you’re feeling like some serious 80’s nostalgia, Sing Street is the throwback you need. The coming-of-age story follows Conor, who struggles to fit in at his new school – until he sees a beautiful girl he’s desperate to impress. When he tells her he’s in a band, he has to scramble together to actually form one with the help of other misfits from school. This heartfelt journey’s got a whole lot of rock and roll.

Feel the Music

man with crossed arms and man with hands on face

“We Are Family” bumps in the warm, humid Miami heat just a few steps away from the beach. Welcome to The Birdcage, a drag night club owned by Armand, played by the lovable Robin Williams, and his flamboyant partner, Albert, played by the hilarious Nathan Lane. All is fine and dandy until Albert’s son announces he’s going to marry a girl from an extremely conservative family – and the two families must meet. But what will this non-traditional family sacrifice to fit into an unbending traditional mold? Two worlds collide hard and the results are laugh-out-loud hilarious in this feel-good movie.

animated penguins

Feeling like hitting the dance floor in your living room? Happy Feet is your weekend pick. The movie follows a little penguin named Mumble who realizes he has a terrible singing voice. But in the world of these penguins, being able to sing is the only way to find a partner for life. Mumble soon realizes he has another talent that makes him special, and he has to tap dance his way into his own unique identity. Get the whole family together for a cute, heart-warming time. And why not have a dance-off or two?