Don’t let Life pass you by, pre-order it – and Wonder Woman, new rentals, and pirates are on sale. Savvy?

Life starts (ends?) Friday. Wonder if Wonder Woman can help…


Pre-order Life now or own it this Friday, on Vudu


Life gets complicated when the greatest scientific discovery tries to kill you. A group of scientists hang on for dear life when the extraterrestrial life they’re searching for finds them. Watch J.G. in zero G, and find out if he, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson end up lifeless. #sciencerules


Pre-order Wonder Woman this Friday on Vudu!


A little closer to home, a woman named Diana arrives to save us from WWI. (She’s a wondrous woman, some would even say a Wonder Women.) Gal Gadot storms onto the big screen as the latest incarnation of Wonder Woman – meaning you can pre-order Wonder Woman on Vudu starting Friday.


If you can’t wait (because we know you can’t), now through June 12, you can get up to $8 towards a movie ticket to see Wonder Woman in theaters with our Wonder Woman Movie Ticket Offer!

Red hot rentals, no box needed


Fist Fight is now available to rent on Vudu!


Looking to rent Fist Fight? Why drive to a box, when you can rent from your couch? (Bonus: nothing to return.)


Enjoy a whole new rental experience without leaving the couch (or putting on pants). It’s as easy as choosing a movie…well, actually, that’s all there is to it. You’ll have 30 days to start (yes, 30 days), and once you do, you’ll have 24-hours to finish.


X marks the spot for $12.99 movies


Pirates of the Caribbean titles are on sale for $12.99!


If a pirate’s life be for you, then yo-ho-ho, you’re in luck. Get the first four films in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for just $12.99 each. For that price, there’s no need to parlay with the S.O. (or maybe you should just in case). Either way, get them before the sale ends on May 5, or this opportunity will sink with Davy Jones locker.


Sneak into theaters with Vudu (No actual sneaking required)


Don’t feel like fighting crowds (or soda soaked floors)? You can watch select movies on Vudu while they’re still in theaters!


This week you can watch WWII-era thriller The Exception, or starting Friday, you can watch the musical comedy Opening Night starring J.C. Chasez (he’s back tearin’ up your heart, this time on-screen).