Deadpool 2 arrives with a superhero landing. #nailedit



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Sometimes a hero is a judiciary badass fighting for equal rights, or a broken down athlete getting back in the saddle. Sometimes it’s a wisecracking mutated mercenary with katanas. Whatever your definition, these hot new releases are here to save the day.



You didn’t really think we were done offering up primo Deadpool 2 awesomeness, did you? Now that the sequel to the first movie is finally here, you can enjoy the Merc with a Mouth in up to 4K UHD!


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The legendary lawyer turned Supreme Court Justice, who drops dissenting opinions and legal precedent like fire freestyle lyrics finally has a documentary befitting her legacy. RBG follows Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s inspiring journey from outspoken law student to Supreme Court heavy hitter and pop-cultural phenom, with plenty of wise witticisms from the honorable justice herself.



In a movie world stuffed with killer androids, rampant cybercrime, and groundbreaking first-person visuals, the only thing you’re safe from is boredom. The combined vision of a comic book icon and his biggest filmmaker fan, Ghost Source Zero is a next-level sci-fi thrill ride from start to finish.



Being a top competitor means putting everything you have on the line. And for rodeo star Brady that includes his health and livelihood. Sidelined by injury, he’ll give whatever he has left if it means one more chance at becoming The Rider he once was.



Between being overweight, dealing with fighting parents, and working in the hot sun for peanuts, teen Bobby is in for one bummer of a summer. It’s going to take courage, friendship, and some sage advice from an eccentric millionaire for him to learn the Measure of a Man.





She may not be the jock, the cool girl, or even the campus nerd, but after a devastating divorce and losing her home, middle-aged mom Deanna is determined to return to school as the Life of the Party.



To a group of would-be thieves, Shaun and her kids alone at a house in the woods seem like the perfect marks. These criminals are about to find out what a terribly bad idea it was to try Breaking In.





Imprisoned in a land not his own. Still addicted to the drugs that got him there. Broke, bloodied, and beaten down. If English fighter (and real-life inspiration) Billy Moore is going to box his way out of Thailand’s most infamous prison, it’s going to take more than A Prayer Before Dawn.





Don’t call it a comeback, mainly because he’s not doing so good. As he mourns the death of his brother and struggles to keep personal relationships afloat, Jimmy McGill spirals ever closer to becoming the Breaking Bad Saul we know so well. Need some dark, pulse-pounding drama in your life? Better Call Saul (Season 4).