Congrats to our winners!

Winner, winner, Vudu dinner


Thank you to the thousands who entered our Hidden V’s Contest – the results are finally in!


Whether you read the email, our Facebook or Twitter posts, or were tipped off on this blog (lucky you), you answered the call, watched the video, and entered your guess.


We’ve drawn ten lucky winners out of a hat (well, not literally) and you’ve each won a $100 Vudu Credit. Bam! Spend that $100 Vudu Credit wisely – or not, and just have fun and go crazy.


Roxann Trexel                   Dawn Bieber

Lisa Lee                             John Enzweiler

Bob Bittner                         Denise Noble

Paula Hamilton                  Nicki Collins

Jeremy Dillon                     Christy Nather


For those of you who are wondering, there were a total of 19 hidden V’s. Did you find them all? If not, don’t feel too bad, we did warn you it’d be tough.


If you’re curious to know where they were, here’s a complete recap of all of them all (we’ve even included timestamps). Click on each image to enlarge.

















A big round of applause to all of you that watched the video and entered. Keep following this blog and our social media pages – Facebook and Twitter – for more contests and giveaways in the future! Congrats again guys! And be sure to check out the new if you haven’t already!