We know you want to share the magic of movies with your kids, but you’ve also let us know that you want to protect them from seeing age-inappropriate content. That’s why we’re working with Common Sense Media, the most trusted name in family entertainment recommendations, to provide reliable, in-depth ratings and reviews for the movies your family wants to see.


Since 2003, Common Sense Media has been the go-to resource for millions of parents seeking appropriate entertainment for young viewers. CSM is independent, nonprofit, and maintains the world’s largest library of age-based movie ratings and reviews. Their goal is to provide all the necessary information so families can make informed decisions about the movies their kids watch and enjoy.

Common Sense Media’s ratings are the result of unbiased, detailed analysis of each movie by experienced expert reviewers, paying special attention to age-appropriateness and potential for learning. The reviews are based in national childhood development criteria and research focused on how kids learn and develop based on the media they consume.


Unlike other ratings systems, Common Sense Media provides far more than a simple general rating and content warnings. Each movie is assigned a minimum appropriate age based on its overall content and set developmental guidelines, letting you know at a glance if the film is appropriate for your child’s age. These rating can be easily found right on the movie title page of thousands of CSM reviewed movies under Parental Guide, so there’s no need to open new tabs or go searching to find out what you need to know.

In addition to overall age recommendations, our Common Sense Media reviews include specific content categories that alert you to the presence of adult themes and content like violence, language, and sexual situations, plus other parent-minded themes like positive messages or role models, and consumerism.  Each category contains a 0-5 rating to let you know what (and approximately how much) to expect from your viewing experience.

To give you even more specific details, each review includes a detailed What Parents Need to Know section that candidly presents the movie’s pros and cons in subject areas that matter to you. This section is written with a parent’s perspective in mind, with nuanced descriptions and tips to help you make the final call.

Common Sense Media age-appropriateness ratings even allow you to restrict which of the movies in your collection your kids can browse and watch with Kids Mode. Look out for our full Kids Mode blog post later this week for the full scoop on this exciting feature that protects your kids even when you’re not around.

Whether you’re looking for an animated adventure suitable for toddlers, an action-thriller that’s safe for tweens, or a hilarious comedy for the whole family, Vudu and Common Sense Media are here to help you pick a winner. Get more info on all our helpful new family features here.


We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Common Sense Media rated titles with themed collections to help you kick off the perfect family movie night. This month we’re commemorating the start of football season and hitting the gridiron with new and classic football movies.

Just scout out the collection here, click on a title that catches your interest, and scroll to the bottom of the page for a full review and recommendations. From kid-friendly picks like The Game Plan and Gus to more mature fare like Friday Night Lights and Jerry Maguire, Common Sense Media will help you make the right play and score big with your family.