Celebrate 4th of July with These Red, White and Blue Americana Movies

Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends and family over delicious barbeque and colorful fireworks for the 4th of July. Whether you are out and about or hanging out at home this weekend, you can still get into the spirit of the holiday with all these great red, white and blue Americana movies.

Forrest Gump

man and woman talking on bench

Is there a better guy to take us through American history than Forrest Gump? The critically acclaimed movie stars the lovable Tom Hanks in the role of a simple everyman and his experiences of major moments in time such as the Vietnam War, Watergate, and others that helped shaped a whole generation. And we can’t forget his best friend Bubba, Lieutenant Dan, or the love of his life, Jenny, too. An unforgettable story meets history in this heartfelt drama, and you’ll want to revisit it again and again.

American Graffiti

young man standing by vintage white car

Travel back in time to the days of drive-ins and milkshakes in American Graffiti. This comedy centers on a group of friends who are set to have one last hurrah with a wild final night of cruising before they go away to college. George Lucas based the film on his experiences growing up, so you know it’s got plenty of authenticity. So enjoy the vibes of this fun classic over an ice cold beverage and burgers too.

National Treasure

two men and woman looking around on bridge

National Treasure is the perfect family classic to revisit this July 4th weekend. The exciting flick stars Nicolas Cage as a treasure hunter in the race against time to steal the Declaration of Independence before a team of mercenarie. Will he get to it before they beat him to it? This is one heart-pounding adventure you won’t want to miss.


hockey players and crowd cheering on ice rink

Pucks fly and emotions run high in Miracle. This drama is based on the true story of Herb Brooks, a hockey player turned coach who lead his American team to face the Soviets in the Olympics in a history making game on the ice. This one is sure to fill you with plenty of hope and feel-good energy to take you into the holiday.

An American Tail

animated mouse and two birds laughing

Take it back to an animated family classic in An American Tail. This story centers on an adorable Russian mouse named Fievel who comes to the United States, only to be separated from his family on the arduous journey. When little Fievel ends up in New York Harbor, he has to navigate this whole new world, all while looking for his loved ones too. This is an insightful journey for the whole family that’s sure to pull at everyone’s heartstrings.

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