Facebook and Twitter Now Integrated With VUDU

Another delicious feature from the VUDU team: You can now share your movie ratings on Facebook and Twitter directly from your VUDU enabled TV or Blu-ray players, with just once click on your remote.


And VUDU gives you an immediate preview of your Facebook post (Twitter preview coming soon), so you can see what your friends and followers will see.


As you’d expect, your Facebook and Twitter movie rating posts are linked to that movie’s detail pages on our web site.

But there is a sweet and clever feature: if you access the Facebook or Twitter App on your VUDU enabled TV or Blu-ray player with VUDU Apps, you are only one click away from watching a movie rated by a friend: All movie ratings posts are live within VUDU and clicking on the movie title in Facebook or Twitter will take you directly to that movie in the VUDU Movie service.

We will drive Facebook and Twitter integration deeper into the VUDU Movie service in the near future. Please share your ideas of how to best leverage social networking within our platform – just leave a comment below.

Return of the Internet Apps Part 2

pandoraMany of you asked us to do that VUDU that we do… and we did. The Internet apps are back and ready for love. From Picasa, to Flickr, to free on-demand TV, to the ever popular Pandora, and a few casual picasagames.  These apps – previously hosted under the VUDU Labs tab on the VUDU box – are alive and well and living on  VUDU enabled TV’s.


These great Internet apps add a ton of fun and free activities to the VUDU experience. Our complete set of Internet apps are available to VUDU box and Mitsubishi customers for now*.

We plan on releasing more Internet apps in the next few months, so comment below with some of your favorites. In the meantime, give our current Internet apps a spin and tell us what you think!

* Internet apps are not available on devices from LG Electronics at this time. Please refer to LG Electronics at www.lge.com/us/support/contact/support-message.jspif you have questions.


Spring Break And Spring Cleaning

Well it’s going to be a busy week at our house. Spring break is now here and we have no plans for travel so everyone is in spring cleaning mode. So how do I make this mandate for cleaning up the home and yard apply to the VUDU?

Well to start off I have over 150 movies on my VUDU’s wish list and it would be good to “clean” some of them out by watching a few each day. That would definitely take some time. I just don’t know how I am going to explain that one to the wife.

Also there are all those pictures and videos we took between the start of the school year to last weekends trip to Notre Dame University that needs to edited, put into albums, etc. Ah an real out for physical labor. I can use the excuse of sorting the pictures to be put into Picassa or Flickr. Our videos can be edited and put up in to YouTube so our relatives can view them via the internet.

These are defiantly some good time consuming tasks and I can tell the family that they can now see the pictures and videos on the VUDU in the VUDU Labs. Yes spring cleaning was never so much fun. Darn I wont have time to clean up the basement or the garden!