If you haven’t seen the powerful, truth-telling young adult saga The Hate U Give yet, now is the prefect time to share in the story.

The critically-acclaimed drama is a masterful, timely take on issues facing the African-American community and the country at large and is available now for the limited-time price of $9.99.

The Hate U Give tells the story of Starr Carter (portrayed by Amandla Stenberg in a powerhouse performance) who after witnessing a brutal instance of police violence must decide whether to remain silent to ensure her family’s safety or raise her voice to speak truth to power.

The film’s bold perspective provides ample opportunity for families to engage with and discuss the issues presented, while also offering an entertaining and hopeful narrative.

Want more insight into the minds and performances behind The Hate U Give?

Watch our exclusive interview with director George Tillman, Jr. and actor Russell Hornsby (who portrays Starr’s father Maverick) in the video above for their thoughts on the film’s message, a possible sequel, and how to improve the world today.



Why watch one web-slinging wall-crawler save New York City from certain doom when you can watch six?

Spider-Man is back with his whole inter-dimensional spider-crew to back him up, and we’re celebrating their arrival with a prize-packed, multiverse-sized Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Vudu Viewing Party the whole family can enjoy.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has won praise, fans, and even an Oscar for its groundbreaking, genre-shaking animation style, and we’ve got the man behind the magic ready to spill all the behind-the-scenes details. Writer-director Rodney Rothman will be tweeting along throughout the viewing party with all the tidbits and trivia your Spider-Sense can handle.

The VIP list doesn’t end there. Nerdist contributors and Dan Casey, Hector Navarro, and Markeia McCarty will be live-tweeting all of their reactions, favorite moments, and hot takes as the spider-fan community comes together for a viewing experience unlike any other.


It wouldn’t be a Vudu Viewing Party without a heroic hoard of epic prizes, and this time the goodies are on a whole other level.

We won’t reveal ALL of the prizes just yet (that would be a spoiler), but if you want your chance to win a PS4 Slim, a Sony 4K TV, a poster signed by the Spider-Verse cast, and more, there’s only one place to hang this Friday night.

To join in on the high-flying, family-friendly festivities with all your fellow spider-fans, here’s all you have to do:

1. Get Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Vudu

2. Follow @VuduFans on Twitter

3. Watch and tweet along with #VuduViewingParty on Friday 3/22 at 6PM (PT) for all the fun facts, behind the scenes secrets, and prize giveaways

Want the perfect themed movie meal AND some special savings on the movie? Head to your local Walmart to pick up an exclusive Spider-Verse branded pizza and get $5 off your purchase of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Available for a limited time and in limited quantities; participation may vary).

The party’s only two days away, so RSVP here, check out the full rules and details here, and clear your schedule for a multi-dimensional movie event to remember.



Now playing: New hit movies at home for less than the cost of a theater ticket. Start your movie night off right with these top titles currently on sale.

A Star is Born‘s star-crossed sing-along made big waves with critics and voters this awards season, and you can get this deep love story for the shallow price of $9.99 in 4K + UHD quality.

Overlord is one part high-intensity war story, one part nightmare-inducing fright fest, 100% affordable in HDX for $12.99.

Enemies become allies, routine missions become life-or-death operations, and a boring night-in becomes an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride when you purchase Hunter Killer for $9.99.

Lara Croft finds traps, treasures, puzzles, and peril in equal parts whenever she raids a tomb, but all you’ll find when you crack open the new Tomb Raider for $7.99 is a treasure trove of action and adventure.

Larger than a sailing ship, more lethal than a killer whale, and ready to eat Jason Statham in a single serving, The Meg is an all-you-can-brave buffet of terror that you can rent for just $2.99.

Bringing an off-the-grid Nazi fugitive to justice is difficult. Renting Operation Finale for $2.99 is much, much easier..

You don’t need a one-of-a-kind diamond necklace or a high-stakes heist plan to bring home Ocean’s 8, because that would be unreasonable. You just need $9.99.

It was supposed to be a simple, run-of-the-mill rescue mission into a reality-warping mutant wasteland. Then things got weird. You can get the full story with Annihilation for $9.99.

She’s a KGB spy with perfect ballet technique and a license to kill. You’re an action-fan with an internet connection and a license to purchase Red Sparrow for $9.99

Don’t Get Out – stay in and rent a pulse-pounding, critically-acclaimed horror masterpiece for $3.99.

There’s more streamable savings where those came from. Check out all of our Deals of the Week here.