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Want to watch more of the hottest movies without emptying your wallet? With sweet deals like these, you’re in the right place at the right time.

It’s a grand finale event without the budget-shattering price of admission. Break into Glass in 4K + UHD quality for only $14.99.

It’s not a trap – just a bargain that’s almost too good to be true. Escape Room for just $9.99 can’t be beat.

We’ve sniffed out a particularly fetching offer: A Dog’s Way Home for only $9.99. Talk about saving some bones.

Evil is going to pay a hefty price, but you won’t. You can get Justice League vs. the Fatal Five for just $9.99.

A high-intensity hero deserves a high-intensity discount: MFKZ in HDX quality for only $9.99.

Uproariously funny, heartbreakingly raw, and a bargain to boot. We’re all about All About Nina for $5.99.

The Field Guide to Evil has all you need to know about ghosts, goblins, and ghouls from around the world – all for the scary good price of $9.99.

More Wick, fewer problems. Get your action on with John Wick for $7.99, John Wick 2 for $7.99, or double down with the Double Feature Bundle for just $9.99.

No need to forfeit all your coins – you can log on and level up with Ready Player One for just $9.99.

8 magical movies. 10 years of spellbinding sorcery. One bewitching price for the whole Harry Potter 8-Film Collection in 4K + UHD quality: $62.99.

There’s more binge-worthy bargains where those came from in our full Deals of the Week collection here.


More powerful than Thanksgiving, more mutated than the 4th of July… it’s X-Men Day!

Celebrate 20 years of films featuring the world’s most misunderstood superheroes with The X-Men Collection: 6 claw-tastic, storm-summoning blockbuster movies for only $44.99.

With this x-traordinary bundle you can catch up on the full X-Men saga before the release of Dark Phoenix on June 7th, but this special deal is only for today so you’ll have to move faster than Quicksilver himself.

For those about to marathon, here’s a quick refresher:

As if learning to use mutant powers wasn’t enough stress, the original X-Men trilogy finds the teachers and students of Xavier’s School dealing with evil mutants, assassination attempts, possible extinction and even teen angst!

Same school, new rules. The new trilogy shows how Charles Xavier came to establish his infamous home for gifted youngsters, and how those same youngsters faced a secret society, an angry god, and genocidal future robots!

Don’t wait around for days of future past – get The X-Men Collection now and unleash the mutant hero within!


4K, HD, Sales


More home entertainment, less spending. You can watch all of these hit movies and shows for a special reduced price, but you’ve gotta move fast.

The prophecy has been fulfilled: you can get The Kid Who Would Be King in HDX quality for $9.99 (sword not included).

Get lost in the deep end for a shallow price with A Star is Born in 4K+UHD quality for $9.99.

Super-secret, high-stakes retrieval missions can get expensive, but renting Operation Finale is only 99¢.

Renting the ultimate spy adventure for just 99¢? It’s not impossible, it’s Mission: Impossible Fallout.

Sky-high adrenaline, dirt cheap price. Take to the skies with Top Gun for $9.99.

When a deal this good comes around, you’d better grab it quick. Catch full HDX episodes of The Flash: Season 5 for 99¢ each.

Full HDX episodes of Supernatural: Season 14 for just 99¢? Something strange is definitely going on…

Have you heard the latest rumor? Full HDX episodes of Riverdale: Season 3 are on sale for 99¢, but you didn’t hear it from us…

Sometimes you have to get lost to find what you’re looking for, like Still for $5.99, for example.

It takes more than one movie to master the partnership between man and beast. Enjoy some family adventure with the How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy Bundle in 4K+UHD quality for $34.99.



Don’t waste time wondering what to watch; jump on these awesome offers for hit movies to keep you entertained all week.

It’s disorder in the court when the notorious RBG challenges the status quo in On the Basis of Sex. Take the deal to see it in HDX quality for $9.99.

Time’s running out for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, but there’s still time to rent her tangled story for 99¢.

He’s back in the ring and ready to fight. Get a ringside seat to Creed II in UHD quality for $9.99.

Mount Vesuvius is on the brink of eruption, and you’re on the brink of epic adventure with Pompeii for $6.99.

No need to go Overboard on your movie spending; you can get this seaworthy comedy for just $7.99.

He’s been gone a long time, but she was never forgotten. Fall in love with Forever My Girl for $6.99.

They’re looking to spice up their relationship, and they just might find something far more magical in the process. Discover The Unicorn for $5.99.

Before he was the X-Men’s secret weapon, he was a legendary loose cannon. Unleash X-Men Origins: Wolverine for $4.99.

This famous singer is about to get some life-changing news, and you can get the full scoop for $7.99 Here and Now.

These teens don’t appreciate their parents being Blockers, but you’ll appreciate getting this hilarious comedy for $9.99.



Getting the best movies for your movie night should be as affordable as it is entertaining. Get a great deal on a great movie experience with these outstanding offers.

He comes in peace – and in HDX quality for $12.99. Rev up for an unforgettable ride with Bumblebee.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can get him in 4K + UHD for $9.99. The Mule is still kicking.

Nazis, and zombies, and explosions…oh my! Have it all with Overlord for $14.99.

No mystery here – nabbing Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase for $9.99 is the perfect crime.

When Vice is available for just $9.99, it’s time to make an executive decision.

If Beale Street Could Talk, it would say that getting this moving romantic drama for only $9.99 is too good to pass up.

You don’t need a cape to get the gripping character study The Hero for $7.99, but you can wear one if it make you comfortable.

Welcome to Marwen, where stories come to life and great movies are only $9.99.

Renting an epic coming-of-age film for only 99¢? You’ll think you’ve traveled back to the Mid90s.

$4.99 gets you all the fast-paced firefight action you can handle. Don’t say no to a Man on Fire.

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