Falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkin spice are great and all, but we all know that the greatest gift of fall is new TV! To celebrate the return of all our primetime faves, Vudu is kicking off the Fall TV Sale to end all Fall TV sales.


Whether you’re catching up on old seasons ahead of premiere time or scoring a season pass so you never miss a new episode, now’s the perfect time to save on all your must-watch TV.



There’s discounted seasons for everyone no matter what your TV taste. Comedy fans can laugh it up with full seasons of Black-ish, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Drama devotees can save on suspense with How to Get Away With Murder, Better Call Saul, and Vikings.


Sci-Fi (Doctor Who), lifestyle (Property Brothers), and family shows (Henry Danger) are all in the mix, and you can even save big on multi-season bundles of top-shelf shows like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy.



Can’t pick just one? Our mix-and-match bundle lets you pick 3 seasons from shows like The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Chicago Fire for one autumn-riffic low price. Staying in is all the rage this season, so check back every Tuesday this month for new shows on sale.





He may be Solo, but he’s never alone. Join Han Solo, Star Wars’ scoundrel extraordinaire, and his friends, enemies, and frienemies for an intergalactic high-speed chase in Solo: A Star Wars Story, dropping this Friday 9/14. Pre-order now to get an extra $3 movie credit to spend your way.



One dad + one daughter + one at-home jam sesh = the indie song of the summer? Hearts Beat Loud is a feel-good musical joyride with laughs, lessons, and shout-along songs to spare.





Don’t let the couture fool you. These felonious fashionistas are here for a good time and some serious crime, and they’ve got a few unexpected tricks up their sleeves in Ocean’s 8.



Sometimes you play the game, sometimes the game plays you. Ambitious hustler Youngblood Priest has risked everything for the top spot in the Atlanta underworld, and he’ll have to risk it again to get out in Superfly.





How do you follow up a chart-topping album and the hard-partying fame that comes with it? How about some exams? Rock star Joanne Star (Cobie Smulders of Avengers fame) is heading to college, and she’s going to prove to the world (and herself) that she’s Alright Now.



You thought Freddy Krueger was scary? Waking up won’t save you this time. Mara lurks in the space between asleep and awake, and she’s ready to put her victims down for good.



It’s official. Bingeable is a thing.

Well, it’s always been a thing (we knew that), but now it’s a real thing – at least according to the folks at Merriam-Webster. Yeah, the dictionary people.



Merriam-Webster has just made an update that adds 840 new words to the dictionary, and one of them, in particular, caught our eye.


M-W lists the definition of bingeable as: “having multiple episodes or parts that can be watched in rapid succession: suitable for binge-watching.” Sounds pretty good to us.


They also cite 2013 as the year the word was first used, so we’re not sure why it took them five years to realize it’s common enough to be worthy of gracing their pages (both virtual and print) – but we’re pretty excited about it anyway, because, well, movies & TV.


So, how did it finally become “a real word”? According to M-W, they look for three criteria: frequent use, widespread use, and meaningful use. Meaning it has to be used by a lot of people, in a lot of places, and be descriptive enough to be useful.


Other words that made this update include flight (at least a new definition that accounts for beer flights), Instagramming (millennials are killing the dictionary), lots of tech-related words (haptics, force quit, fintech), and hangry – as in hangry for some bingeable TV? Which leads us to…


Hangry for TV? Vudu satisfies – with a Fall TV sale.



If you do happen to be hangry for some bingeable TV, you’re in the right place. In addition to movies & TV being our fav (also made the update) thing, it’s also our thing.


We also just so happen to be having a Fall TV Sale where you can get:


  • The brand new The Purge TV series that just started yesterday, starting at $16.99 (SD)
    (new episodes available as soon as the day after they air)
  • Select seasons on sale for $19.99 and under
  • Current TV seasons on sale for $29.99 and under
  • Season/Series bundles on sale
  • And even Mix & Match 2 seasons (from a collection) for $19.99
  • Discover more TV with select FREE episodes (also a thing, all the time)


And because there’s always new TV shows to watch, you’ll want to check back every Tuesday this month as we add new shows and series to our New TV Series, Returning TV Series, Fall TV Sale, and Mix & Match TV sale collections.


So, binge better and get your TV a la carte. Let Vudu be your stop for your favorite TV shows whether they’ve been on the air, or are still in season – all for much less than cable. (Who watches 200 channels of shows anyways?) Watch the shows you want, and only the shows you want, commercial free, and by the episode, season, or series.




No shenanigans here – Super Troopers 2 is available now on sale on Vudu in up to HDX quality, with all the laughs, larks, and liters o’ cola that fans have been waiting for. We sat down with Broken Lizard (the cast and creators of Super Troopers 1 & 2) to talk about Super Troopers history and legacy (and cosplay). Check out the results below:



Super Troopers 2 follows the boys in brown as they up to the great white north to reclaim some accidentally Canadian territory for the great state of Vermont. The local Mounties are none too pleased with this development, and a prank war of international proportions ensues.



Need to brush up on your Trooper-isms? You can snag the Super Troopers / Super Troopers 2 Bundle for a special reduced price right meow, and we won’t even make you drink a bottle of syrup.



Be cheeky and fun, not cruel and tragic. Grab some buds and watch Super Troopers 2 today.






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Late summer is upon us, and between the lower airfare, cooler weather, and thinner crowds it’s the best time for an impromptu getaway or extended vacay. The more exciting the destination, however, the more the journey can drag on without something to do.



Airplane Wi-Fi is notoriously expensive and spotty, and the free airline movies are a gamble, with random titles and modified cuts that censor out all the good stuff. What’s a globetrotting movie buff to do?



Lucky for you there’s Mobile Disc to Digital. With just a couple bucks, our mobile app, and your Android or iPhone, you can convert your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray discs into high-quality digital copies you can watch anytime, anywhere. No Wi-Fi? No problem. Whether you’re cruising the skies of chilling off the grid, you can download your movies so they’re ready to play when you are.



To make matters awesome-er, today only you can convert one title and get a sweet 20% off your next Vudu purchase. So don’t pass up this deal, because packing light is for clothes. Learn more about how you can bring your whole collection on your next summer adventure, here.







It’s been a full decade since Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) became best friends, rolling up their absurd antics and step-brotherly love in a little ball and shoving it into our collective heart. In honor of the auspicious occasion (second only to the all-important Catalina Wine Mixer), you can snag your digital copy of Step Brothers for just $7.99, even the somehow extra explicit Unrated version (if you dare).



Step Brothers may have started as a side-splitting, sleepwalking, boat-crashing, good time of a movie, but it has grown into so much more. Join us as we look back at the cultural impact of cinema’s most beloved man-children.





To say that Step Brothers was divisive when first released is a family-sized understatement. Roger Ebert was less than favorable in his review, pleading to know “what is going on here?” when faced with Ferrell, Reilly, and director Adam McKay’s relentless landslide of slapstick gags and filthy trash talk. But fans knew better, and the oddball comedy has grown into an endlessly quoted classic.



The sports world has developed a particular affection for Step Brothers; when the 2010 New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, the first thing out of anyone’s mouth was a Catalina Wine Mixer reference. The New York Yankees recreated an iconic scene from the movie for a 2016 promo, and celebrated an important trade with a Step Brothers gif the following year. Their fellow New Yorkers, the Giants, tried to get themselves fired up with a locker room showing of another classic clip, and while the message may have been confusing the humor was fully appreciated.



The Step Bro fan community has grown and flourished since 2008, with many fans taking their love of the movie far beyond casual quoting. John C. Reilly himself is admittedly shocked by the abundance (and placement) of Step Brothers tattoos. Joaquin Phoenix says it’s the movie he’s re-watched more than any other, and one dedicated fan even developed a popular theory linking Step Brothers to another Will Ferrell hit (hint: SANTAAAAAAA!!!).



Finally, and perhaps inevitably, there has emerged the ultimate homage the likes of which the world has never seen: the 100% real, authentic annual Catalina Wine Mixer. That’s right; Step Brothers super fans actually gather for a yearly beach party complete with cover band, wine tastings, helicopters, and a screening of the movie in Catalina. Just make sure not to request any pre-80s Billy Joel.



Add Step Brothers to you Vudu library today to honor 10 years of naked drumming, bunkbed collapses, and playground brawls, or check out the Step Brothers/The Other Guys Bundle or Buddy Comedy Pack for even more intense bromance.