Drive home The Fate of the Furious, find The Lost City of Z, pre-order Baby Driver, and watch exciting new rentals

Travel from the concrete jungle to the Amazon



The Fate of the Furious is out of the garage and firing on all cylinders. (But if you’ve been reading the blog, you already know that.)


This high-octane thrill ride shifts into high gear with a Theatrical and Extended Directors Cut bundle for just $14.99 HDX. Add on extra cars, extra testosterone, extra destruction with Extras+ (get the movie, get Extras+ included), and you’ve got more add-ons than a SEMA show.


And while “X” doesn’t mark the spot for The Lost City of Z, we’ve got it on our map. Discover this movie based off true life explorer, Percival Fawcett, and claim it for yourself (or for the Queen), for $19.99 HDX.


Your rideshare driver don’t drive like this


One of the most anticipated films of the year, Baby Driver, is screeching through theaters, and you can pre-order it now on Vudu. It’s wickedly addictive and beyond insane driving will leave you with GTA flashbacks (but leave it for the games and the pros).


Summertime and the renting is good



We’ve got a bunch of new rentals you can check out and try on for size, including CHiPs (bet you can’t watch it just once), Saban’s Power Rangers (go go rent this movie, cuz it’s movie time), The Belko Experiment (protip: if you show up for work and there are armed guards, maybe go home), and Trainspotting 2 (choose life, and use it to watch this movie).



Don’t let Life pass you by, pre-order it – and Wonder Woman, new rentals, and pirates are on sale. Savvy?

Life starts (ends?) Friday. Wonder if Wonder Woman can help…


Pre-order Life now or own it this Friday, on Vudu


Life gets complicated when the greatest scientific discovery tries to kill you. A group of scientists hang on for dear life when the extraterrestrial life they’re searching for finds them. Watch J.G. in zero G, and find out if he, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson end up lifeless. #sciencerules


Pre-order Wonder Woman this Friday on Vudu!


A little closer to home, a woman named Diana arrives to save us from WWI. (She’s a wondrous woman, some would even say a Wonder Women.) Gal Gadot storms onto the big screen as the latest incarnation of Wonder Woman – meaning you can pre-order Wonder Woman on Vudu starting Friday.


If you can’t wait (because we know you can’t), now through June 12, you can get up to $8 towards a movie ticket to see Wonder Woman in theaters with our Wonder Woman Movie Ticket Offer!

Red hot rentals, no box needed


Fist Fight is now available to rent on Vudu!


Looking to rent Fist Fight? Why drive to a box, when you can rent from your couch? (Bonus: nothing to return.)


Enjoy a whole new rental experience without leaving the couch (or putting on pants). It’s as easy as choosing a movie…well, actually, that’s all there is to it. You’ll have 30 days to start (yes, 30 days), and once you do, you’ll have 24-hours to finish.


X marks the spot for $12.99 movies


Pirates of the Caribbean titles are on sale for $12.99!


If a pirate’s life be for you, then yo-ho-ho, you’re in luck. Get the first four films in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for just $12.99 each. For that price, there’s no need to parlay with the S.O. (or maybe you should just in case). Either way, get them before the sale ends on May 5, or this opportunity will sink with Davy Jones locker.


Sneak into theaters with Vudu (No actual sneaking required)


Don’t feel like fighting crowds (or soda soaked floors)? You can watch select movies on Vudu while they’re still in theaters!


This week you can watch WWII-era thriller The Exception, or starting Friday, you can watch the musical comedy Opening Night starring J.C. Chasez (he’s back tearin’ up your heart, this time on-screen).



Own Bambi (Signature Edition) and John Wick Chapter 2, New Rentals, Beach Ready Pre-Orders, and Free Heroism


Bambi is out of the vault. John Wick is out for revenge (again).



Bambi is back in all his doe-eyed glory (yup, Bambi was a he). Own this beloved classic today, complete with brand-new bonus featurettes that celebrate the 75th anniversary (he’s aged amazingly).



John Wick is also back and suited up (again), but he’s definitely not doe-eyed. Good thing everyone else is dressed up too because there’ll be a lot of funerals to attend (bad guys be caught up like deer in headlights). Own this non-stop hail of bullets and action today.


New to rent, starting today


Get hypnotized with Get Out and sink into a world that’s both terrifying and thought-provoking. Think it’s not possible? Just watch my spoon and see what happens.



If you haven’t watched Logan, you’re missing out. If you have, watch it again. (Yeah, it’s that good.) But remember, just like real wolverines, this film doesn’t play well with kids. So wait until they’re done before you let the claws out on this one.


And while you can see it from space, The Great Wall is easier to see on Vudu. (It’s a great wall, a beautiful wall. It does an amazing job protecting, amazing.) It’s got all the trappings of an Asian epic – plus dragon creatures!


Pre-orders: Beach edition

Pre-order Baywatch starting Thursday, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on Friday.



Pre-order the new Baywatch movie, and have some summer fun with a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously (but it does take Zac Efron’s abs seriously). It’s got the beach, bikinis, bikini jokes, and a ton of laughs and action. (And Zac Efron’s abs. No seriously. Like, we’re jelly.)


Or get your beach body with the Baywatch and Pain & Gain bundle. (We have a beach body. We have a body and we go to the beach.) That’s right, two testosterone filled movies (get your pump on) – one to watch now while you’re waiting for the other one to be released.



But if your idea of a day at the beach is more rum-centered (like liver cirrhosis levels of it), you can pre-order Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and get your rum-swigging (and swashbuckling) on. Revenge is coming for Jack, and this time it’s served on the high-seas.


Watch True Heroes for free



Get action on full-auto, or maybe get your learn on, for free, with our True Heroes collection on Movies On Us. Watch titles like Lions for Lambs, Tunnel Rats, and Kokoro. Or watch documentaries that cover everything from D-Day and World War II to modern conflicts.



Watch Logan, Fist Fight, and pre-order The Lego Batman Movie on Vudu. Plus new rentals, more pre-orders, and free trips to the beach.

Back in black, a different kind of afterschool special, and Back in black x2


Own Logan in HDX and get Logan Noir included!


One word – Logan! He’s always had a dark side, but now it’s just black – and white – as he goes art house in Logan Noir (extra broodiness included). Find it in your Vudu Extras when you buy Logan in HDX, available today.


Own Fist Fight today on Vudu.

And while Ice Cube just says no to black and white, he does say yes to black and blue in Fist Fight. Let’s get ready to rummmmbleeee – schoolyard style. Available today. (Get it or we’ll be seeing you by the flagpole after class.)


The Lego Batman Movie drops on Friday! Pre-order it now on Vudu!

But he’s not our only hero in black. Na-na-na-na-na-na Batman is back and he’s as blocky as ever. Because he’s a Lego (holy jointless appendages). The Lego Batman Movie drops Friday exclusively on Vudu. Boom. (And zap, biff, and pow!) Pre-order is available, so get it now and watch it Friday.


New rentals to watch now, and pre-orders to watch later


Starting today, you can also add the undead and death wishes to your rental wish list with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Extreme death-dealing or extreme everything, your choice. (Or be extremely xtreme and watch both.)


Own Alien: Covenant this Friday! Pre-order today on Vudu.


And starting this Friday you’ll be able to pre-order Alien: Covenant, Annabelle 2, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (one of these things is not like the others) – the same day they’re released in theaters. Pre-order any on Friday and we’ll drop it off in your My Vudu when it’s released.


Suns out, beach bums out – for free


Summer’s almost here, and you can get beach ready for free, with Movies On Us. Get beaches, bikinis, and nuclear weapons (seems legit) with Into the Blue 2: The Reef (Unrated), or sand and screams (not from chafing) in The Last Resort, or get indie with Fort Tilden, a stylish and funny, modern satire (poor Millenials and their first world problems. #sadface).


So pack up your beach bag and head to the Beach Bum collection on Movies On Us – or any of our other collections – and watch free, with limited commercials.



Boss Baby tells you who’s boss, we drop the Mother of all Mother’s Day Sales, and Mix & Match for the mom who has everything.


Pre-order Boss Baby on Vudu today!

Part of being a mom is being prepared. So here’s a chance to be prepared for family movie night by pre-ordering Boss Baby today on Vudu. (He’s a baby, but also a boss. I mean come on. It’s genius.) Pre-order now and the movie will magically – and conveniently – appear in your My Vudu when it’s released (no storks needed).


Once you’ve taken care of that (remember what mom said about procrastination), it’s time to bond with mom over a movie. So give her the best spot on the couch, put her feet up, and get ready to watch with mom.


To help out, we’ve got a Mother’s Day sales on individual titles, bundles, and an ah-mazing Mix & Match offer of three movies for just $19.99. So whether you’ve got a Supermom, Tiger Mom, or Stacy’s mom, we’ve got the movies for you.


Mix & Match 3 titles for $19.99. Get it on Vudu today!


Everyone buys flowers, so buck the trend and get more bang for your buck with the Mix & Match Mother’s Day collection. Buy mom, or yourself (hey, being a pet mom counts), three movies or TV seasons just $19.99. Boom. We blow your mind, not your wallet.


Great prices on bundle values that mom will love!


Or bundle up some of her favorites with Bundle Values. We’ve got everything from a Nicholas Sparks 5-film Collection (so much Sparks), to a Magic Mike Collection. (Hey, they’re fun movies. Just saying.)


There’s also a great collection of films at $9.99 and under that includes new favorites like Bad Moms (ask her how many times she’s wanted to be like this), to classics like Ghost (clay hands are the original steamy window hand), to the inspirational The Blind Side and Fences. (Extra points if you tell her you’re glad she was tough on you.)


So grab a movie and the fam, and let’s celebrate mom.