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Ralph and Vanellope are back in an all-new, extremely online adventure, and they’re leaving an epic upload of prizes on their digital trail.

In search of what lies beyond their humble arcade, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are logging on and letting loose in the wide open space of the world wide web, and you can pre-order Ralph Breaks the Internet now to get the cyberspace sequel in up to 4K+UHD this Tuesday 2/12.

In celebration of this momentous misadventure, we’ve compiled a click-worthy compendium of Ralph Breaks the Internet collectibles for Vudu fans of all ages.

Like the movie itself, this giveaway will take us all over the net, stopping off at various waypoints on Ralph and Vanellope’s cross-platform quest.

Our first stop is right here on the Vudu blog with Litwak’s Family Fun Center and Arcade, and what better way to commemorate Ralph’s home sweet home than with Funko! Pop figures of the big man himself, signed by the cast of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

To earn one of these top-notch trophies, we want you to let us know your all-time favorite video game (no bonus points for saying Wreck-It Ralph). Enter your response here and you could be one of four lucky winners to take home a Pop.

There’s more leveled-up loot where that came from. If you want the best chance at snagging some yourself, follow @Vudufans on all of our social media and check the following accounts on the corresponding days as we keep the pixelated party going:

Sunday 2/10: Twitter

Monday 2/11: Instagram

Pre-order Ralph Breaks the Internet today to stream some family fun on all your devices, and stay tuned for more schweet prizes!

Full rules here.





Fresh off a Golden Globe win for Best Original Score, First Man‘s beautifully captured, timeless tale of the first human to step foot on the moon is the must-see cinematic event of the new year.


First Man touches down tomorrow on Vudu in up to 4K UHD quality, meaning you still have T-minus one day to pre-order the film and receive a $3 Vudu credit with your purchase.



In the meantime, take a journey to the real NASA with Ryan Gosling and the other stars of the film in the behind-the-scenes clip above, and check out some far-out facts about the production and the real Apollo 11 mission below.



Experience the magic and drama of history’s most famous flight with First Man out tomorrow, and pre-order now to get your $3 credit.