Amp Up Family Movie Night with Trolls World Tour

Trolls performing on stage

Get ready for splashes of color, dashes of glitter, and a whole lot of rockin’ tunes because Trolls World Tour is here! And when you pre-order the fun flick before before it’s out on Jun 23rd, you’ll get a $3 credit to boot AND an awesome dance party edition too. So put your party shoes on, grab a snack, and create your most amped up family movie night yet!

You’ll be happy to see your favorite bubbly characters from Trolls return for another musical adventure. Poppy and Branch are living their colorful, carefree lives when they suddenly find out that they are not the only trolls in the world. There are actually five more musical worlds out there that they’ve never seen, and so many trolls they’ve never met! It’s up to them to venture out to find them – but what will happen when they get there? Find out what they discover and how their small worlds open up through the magic of music and uniqueness.

A Little Bit Country, Rock’n’Roll and Everything in Between

Music helps breathe life into the trolls, and with good reason! The movie features tons of awesome songs we already know and love in some surprisingly catchy mashups. And of course there are original tracks you can’t help but dance to too. This isn’t surprising considering the musical talent involved in the film. Justin Timberlake not only does the voice of Branch, but he was also an executive producer of the soundtrack for the movie too. Anna Kendrick stars alongside JT as Poppy, and with the Pitch Perfect franchise under her belt, she brings plenty of talent to the table too. Other musical mega stars in the film include Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, and even Ozzy Osbourne. So whether you’re a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, or anywhere in between – there is a tune in Trolls World Tour for you. But the movie is more than catchy singalongs. There are some great positive messages to learn from too.

Two colorful trolls singing

Learning to Embrace Each Other’s Differences

Trolls World Tour may be a blast, but it’s not just about the fun. Underneath all the brightness and silliness is a great message about understanding uniqueness. Once the trolls realize that there are other troll worlds and musical genres out there, they react differently. Some trolls are excited to make new friends, while others fear the unknown that these new worlds present. But when they go on their journey to these colorful worlds, they learn that it isn’t all so… black and white. Before they can get anywhere, the trolls have to learn about each other first, which doesn’t come without its challenges. Part of that learning comes from listening to each other, even when they disagree. Only then are they able to meet in the middle, fully embrace each other’s differences, and rock out in total harmony. And that’s one message every unique family can get behind.

Different trolls on stage

Take your Family Movie Night to the next level with all of these troll-tastic activities. We’ve got coloring sheets, musical crafts, recipes, and more.

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