The Invisible Man

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How do you fight for your life when the danger is invisible? See the lengths Elizabeth Moss’s character will go to save herself in her powerful performance as Cecilia in The Invisible Man. Curious about how this buzzworthy film compares to the original? Check out how the Invisible Man has evolved from the classic monster to the modern nightmare in our blog.


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Inheritance tells the story of a family patriarch who passes away, leaving nothing but questions in his wake. His daughter and wife are left to uncover all of his secrets in this powerful thriller.

The Roads Not Taken

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The Roads Not Taken is a tragic, star-studded film that showcases the talents of Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, and Salma Hayek. The story follows Leo, played by Bardem, whose mind goes back and forth between reality and the imagined alternate lives he could have lived. This touching drama will have you questioning what’s real and what’s ultimately at the core of being human.

New to Own TV

DC’s Stargirl: Season 1

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DC Comics brings their latest addition to the screen in DC’s Stargirl. Follow Courtney Whitmore’s journey as she inspires the revival of The Justice Society of America and they all fight for what’s right. Watch and own every episode as it becomes available.

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Scoob! Brings all the Fun and Nostalgia you’ve Been Craving

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Scoob and the gang are back for an all new mystery-solving adventure in Scoob! The movie is a blast for family members big and small, touching on lessons about the importance of friendship and giving us some serious nostalgia feels with classic cartoon characters that join in on all of the fun.

Friendship Saves The Day

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One of the most heartwarming aspects of the movie is Shaggy and Scoob’s friendship. We get to see the origins of their relationship and how quickly they bond and grow to become best friends. From hanging out and bowling, to making bizzare foods to eat together – they are a match made in heaven. But all of that fun doesn’t come without some important lessons too. As they and the gang go on the adventure of their lives to save the world, things begin to change. And both Scoob and Shaggy must learn that lifelong friendships don’t come without their fair share of challenges, growth, and sacrifice.

Revisit Your Favorite Hanna-Barbera Characters

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One of the biggest delights about the movie is how many characters we get to see revived in 3D from classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons we grew up with. And if you’re not familiar with Hanna-Barbera, they were a studio founded by the creators of Tom and Jerry and other animation legends. Hanna-Barbera has put out iconic gems like Scooby Doo of course, The Flintstones, and Yogi Bear, all the way up to early seasons of Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls. Chances are that if you watched TV from the 1950’s through the early 2000s, you’ve come across a ton of their cartoons.

The makers of Scoob! paid homage to the classic Scooby Doo cartoons, most excitingly in the rendering of the the iconic Scooby Doo chasing intro to the tune of “Scooby Dooby Doo Where are You.” And there are little details in the animation reminiscent of the old style too, which has a uniquely fun way of taking us back in time.

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Other classic characters we meet include the villain Dick Dastardly, voiced by the talented Jason Isaacs, and his companion Muttley, who make a blast from the past from the Wacky Races cartoons. Muttley still has the same hyena-like laugh we know and love, while Dick Dastardly’s flying ship is all too reminiscent of his purple pointy race car from the show.

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt are some of the key characters we meet in Scoob!. And with Mark Wahlberg doing the voice of the cocky Blue Falcon and Ken Jeong playing the sarcastic Dynomutt, these two are another dynamic duo that’s a force to be reckoned with.

Captain Caveman also makes an appearance, and with the hilarious Tracy Morgan doing his voice in Scoob! he makes it even more fun to watch.

Half of the fun is finding all of the classic cartoon references in Scoob!. Think you can spot all the easter eggs hidden throughout the movie? Try it for yourself!

We’ve got plenty of awesome activities for you to do at home before or after you watch Scoob!, from word games, to recipes and coloring sheets. So have a blast with the whole family and enjoy the show!

Experience the Classic Tale Turned Modern Nightmare in The Invisible Man

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Get ready to experience the haunting terror of The Invisible Man. The highly buzzed about film starring the talented Elizabeth Moss is a dark, psychological journey that is not for the faint of heart. The movie takes a look at the Invisible Man “monster” concept and makes it modern through a fresh perspective, a gripping story, and a talented cast. So come along on the journey to explore the classic Invisible Man’s terror and the new… if you dare.

Elizabeth Moss’s Performance Grips us

The Invisible Man (2020) tells the story of Cecilia, played by Moss, who suspects that her abusive ex-partner is haunting her following his suspicious death. Throughout the movie we see Cecilia fight this mysterious invisible force, both physically and psychologically. Cecilia has suffered significant trauma following her partner’s abuse too, adding another layer of torment, and making her fight to survive that much more powerful. Elizabeth Moss is the perfect choice for this role thanks to her ability to put us in her shoes, which is key in conveying her terror.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Invisible Man cast:

Curious to know how the latest Invisible Man has evolved from the classic monster from 1933? Let’s take a trip back in time and see.

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A Scientist Goes Stark Raving Mad

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Although both movies are about the terror caused by an invisible man, they approach the concept very differently. In The Invisible Man from 1933, Dr. Jack Griffin, played by Claude Rains, creates a potion to make himself invisible, and he becomes a raving, murderous lunatic as a result. Jack doesn’t care who he kills and there’s isn’t much method to his madness. He’s more a playful but deadly nuisance to society, going as far as pranking people with his invisibility powers. There is an air of ridiculous about him, making him a lot less frightening than a modern audience would expect from a villain. We also spend a lot of time with Jack as he describes the quirks and oddities of his invisible existence, which brings us closer to understanding him. He explains that he was driven to become invisible to gain power and notoriety for his invention. So while he is invisible, his motive is transparent, which makes him a lot less frightening… and even a tiny bit likable. This of course reflects moviemaking of the time and what audiences enjoyed about the film experience back then. And it’s also starkly different from the evil we encounter in the modern film.  

A Cold, Calculated Nightmare That Follows

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The modern invisible man is a different kind of nightmare suited to haunt a modern audience. Through most of the movie, we don’t get hear the invisible man, Adrian, speak. He is silent, deadly and remorseless. We see the consequences of his terrifying actions through the experience of Cecilia, and she has to guess his motives, actions, and predict his every move. Part of what makes the modern Invisible Man so scary is how calculated he is too. He doesn’t just threaten to take Cecilia’s life – he uses her weaknesses against her and goes after everything she cares about. This makes him unpredictable and amps up his sinister retaliations tenfold. And he isn’t driven by power and money like the original Invisible Man, since he’s already successful. His motivation is much darker than that – total possession of Cecilia. That’s what’s most terrifying about the modern Invisible Man. No matter where Cecilia goes or who she’s with, she can never get a moment of peace. He’s ready to attack at any given moment. And what’s worse is that he will stop at nothing.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look in filming The Invisible Man:

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